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ORIGINS 4: The Rise Of Mykia by Christospher Laird



     Finding your niche in life can be an enormous challenge. Even if we do find it, we want to find happiness in it. We also want to make good money doing it. Science fiction author Christopher Laird has certainly found his niche. His fifth novel, ORIGINS 4: Th Rise Of Mykia, will be out September 6th. Laird explains to redxmagazine how it was early on in his writing career.

   “For me, it was just making a name for myself,” Laird explains. “Marketing was one of the most challenging aspects, and still is. The competition is tough, because there are writers being born everyday, releasing books everyday. With millions of writers out there promoting their work, the trick is to make yourself stand out.”

    The series is about an elusive particle in the universe that can give anyone the powers of God. Xona Bari, a former dictator and mercenary and Captain Michael Stratford of the Deltacore Interstellar military, have these powers. In the series, they battle alien races and sometimes each other, for control of the universe. In the fifth installment, the battle continues in 1953.

    “Xona, Stratford, and his crew travel to 1953 to find the particle to save their galaxy, which is being held under siege by another alien race,” Laird explains.”Also, they need the particle for themselves. Xona and Stratford are dying because someone is extracting the power from them. If they don’t find the particle, and who is draining their power, they will die. So it all goes down in the United States in 1953, where the last of the particle remains.”

     Laird continues to have a thriving writing career that has turned his books into stage plays, and a possible motion picture. He says writing has changed his life and is so happy he made that leap. Laird wants to leave his readers with some advice.

     You have to work twice as hard as anyone else. Stay focused and determined. Identify your goals. Do you want to make a career out of writing? Do you want to be rich and famous? Or do you just want to write a book to help you cope with your own personal tragedy? Find out what your purpose for writing is, and fulfill it!”

     ORIGINS 4: The Rise Of Mykia, will be available everywhere in bookstores and online September 6th. Go to to find out more.

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