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Pat Ca$h, A Musician From Nigeria, Has Given Hip Hop A New, Exciting Sound.



Patrick Imoh, better known as Pat Ca$h in the music business, has taken over the year 2022 with his innovative sound, which fuses Afro rhythms with more mainstream musical styles like hip hop and pop. Despite the unconventional blending of musical styles, this new approach was exactly what the public wanted to hear: Pat Ca$h’s “Champagne” was a smash on West Virginia’s 98.7 The Beat, and his next song “Love Somebody” will no doubt do the same for the independent hip-hop scene.

Pat Ca$h’s vocals are as unique as his style, setting him apart from anything else to hit underground radio waves in 2022. His rhymes bounce with a soulful and raunchy tone, adding to the deep Nigerian grit that gives his music the authentic, diverse blend known only in his tracks.

Where To Listen

Pat Ca$h’s current tracks, such as his hit single “Champagne” and others like “Elevate,” “I Know,” “Show Me Love,” and “Ready for Love,” are available for streaming and download on the independent artist’s SoundCloud account, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Official music videos for the Nigerian rapper’s hit tracks, “Champagne,” “Elevate,” “Hustler’s Prayer,” and “Hold Me Down,” are also available for viewing on YouTube.


Born in Nigeria to a non-musical family, Pat Ca$h arrived in the US at one of the hubs of hip hop and R&B, the Bronx, New York, at only nine years old. Compared to Nigeria, his new home provided a huge culture shock. However, the borough of NYC also exposed him to new genres of music, giving him a powerful new way to cope with moving to such a different place than where he was born.

Pat Ca$h didn’t begin pursuing his music career until 2019. By the time he had started his musical journey, he had fallen in love with every genre of music but found his niche in creating music inspired by and blending the genres of hip hop, pop, R&B, and Afro music.


For more about Pat Ca$h and to be notified about upcoming tracks, official music video releases, and events, follow him at @bombpatcash or subscribe to him on your favorite music platform or YouTube.

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