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Patrick Parker Shares His Unique Stance on Life, Work, and Happiness



“If you wait until you reach the ultimate goal to celebrate, you’ll be miserable throughout your journey.”

This is what Patrick firmly believes. He is the kind of person that when you read about his life, his achievements, and the bundle of businesses he’s leading and helping others to lead, your first impression would be, ‘This man has got to be working round the clock!’. But that’s not the case. 

There is a delicate balance of life, work, and happiness with Patrick. He might be laser-focused when it comes to working, but he never misses out on life. Being a master of time management and prioritization, he appropriately distributes hours in a day between work life and personal life. 

“Set goals, and when you hit them, celebrate!” says Patrick. His career as an entrepreneur reflects his unique and very interesting take on life. Managing different businesses from the age of 21, he has learned to value things often overlooked even by other top entrepreneurs. 

For instance, Patrick is a bookworm. He constantly reads about business, entrepreneurship, and modern trends in computer technology, i.e., blockchain, Web3, etc. The purpose is to remain apprised of the latest developments in the industry. In all the hubbub of managing businesses, consulting with businesses, forming strategies, executing plans, and amidst all the commotion of professional life, Patrick never forgets to make time to learn. 

Moreover, he doesn’t find the ‘hustle mentality’ cool. “We need to stop wearing burnout and working 24/7 as some sort of badge of honor,” says Patrick. Instead, he accentuates the need to learn to rest and switch it off so that one can come back fresh and ready to conquer. According to him, it is imperative to keep your health and relationships above all in order to thrive in both personal and business life

Patrick is a highly social person in his circle. Nevertheless, family and personal time will always be on his top priority list. 

Furthermore, Patrick has always treated failure as an opportunity to learn. He doesn’t consider failure a bump in one’s road to success. “To me, failing is OK, but not trying is the ultimate failure,” he believes. Up to this point, Patrick has perfectly implemented this in his life. 

When he started his first-ever venture, a concert promotion business, at 21, it crumbled like a house of cards in one single night after a short-lived success, incurring him a personal loss of $25K. “Not that it still wouldn’t hurt, but it taught me the importance of managing cash flow,” recalls Patrick. After two years, he started his second venture. A web development company, this time. The result? Yet another failure. 

However, Patrick drew an important lesson about storytelling and effective communication from this failure. 

Learning never ends for Patrick, nor does educating the masses about life, work and happiness. He is the conveyor of hope, optimism, and a bright future. If you want to learn more gems from Patrick, you can always find him here at @patrickbparker on Instagram. 

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