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Paul Simpson’s Work at Barita Investments



Barita Investments is an organization that is older than its current owner and
Deputy Chairman but has seen numerous benefits since the involvement of this key
figure, Paul Simpson. Mr. Simpson only purchased the company in 2018, but in this
short time has since made leaps and bounds for both the employees at Barita
Investments and the company itself.
To date, he has focused on improving working conditions for employees and securing
additional talent to help improve operations. He has increased salaries for employees
at Barita and has implemented an option for employees to purchase special shares of
Barita Investments through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan that begins in fall of
Under Paul’s leadership, Barita Investments has been making big moves. In
September 2022, Paul directed a move to purchase a major development in St. Ann,
Jamaica to further development in the area. This move is seconded by prior land
purchases that are huge opportunities for Jamaican economic development.
As one of the key young minds in Jamaica, Paul continues to remain focused on
forward progress by Jamaicans for Jamaicans. His knowledge and expertise in the
world of investment banking combined with his enthusiasm for Jamaican
development are sure to see continued success for both Barita Investments and
average Jamaicans.

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