Peacock Original Explores The Origins of John Wick’s Hitman Haven

The highly anticipated prequel series to the acclaimed John Wick franchise, The Continental, is set to debut on Peacock, beginning its journey on Friday. The narrative shifts the spotlight from Keanu Reeves’ enigmatic hitman to the formidable Winston Scott, the future manager of the sanctuary for professional killers nestled in the heart of Manhattan.
Set in the gritty backdrop of 1970s New York during a sanitation strike, The Continental narrates the clandestine operations of the infamous hotel that serves as a refuge for the world’s most dangerous assassins. The three-part series is primed to delve into the genesis of the notable hotel through the young eyes of Winston Scott (played by Colin Woodell), venturing into a perilous past amidst the blood-stained alleys of the city.

A Star-Studded Cast Breathes Life Into A Deadly Underworld

Colin Woodell steps into the shoes of Winston Scott, a character initially portrayed by Ian McShane in the John Wick movies. The formidable antagonist Cormac is played by none other than Mel Gibson, bringing a seasoned gravitas to the menacing world of The Continental. Alongside them, a slew of diverse characters populate this shadowy underworld, each with their own deadly agendas.
Directorial reigns are shared between Albert Hughes, orchestrating the first and third episodes, and Charlotte Brändström helming the middle chapter, ensuring a coherent yet distinctly flavored narrative progression.

Real-Life Assassin-Themed Experience in NYC

Celebrating the launch of the series, Lionsgate and Peacock have crafted a real-world iteration of the assassin’s haven with “Welcome to The Continental: The Hotel Bar Experience.” This three-week long pop-up event in New York’s Financial District offers patrons an immersive experience complete with thematic cocktails, interactive storylines, and a tangible touch of the cryptic assassin underworld depicted in the series.
Ticket prices range from $15-$25, with a unique currency system akin to the show where only Gold Coins are accepted at the bar.

How To Watch The Continental and Dive Deeper into The High Table’s Realm

The series premieres on September 22, with subsequent episodes releasing on September 29 and October 6 exclusively on Peacock. Viewers can catch all episodes through Peacock’s Premium subscription at $5.99 per month or opt for an ad-free experience with Peacock Premium Plus at $11.99 per month. For select Xfinity and Cox Internet subscribers, a special offer includes free access to Peacock Premium, allowing them to delve into The Continental’s realm without additional cost.
With a rich narrative coupled with a star-studded cast, The Continental seems ready to satiate the thirst for lore within the John Wick universe, adding layers to an already complex world of honor among killers.