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Petros Pournatzis GoseFashion CEO.



The dude from Austin, TX that changes the culture in our sneaker world with G Sneaker pillow.
Yes, you hear that right a pillow for your sneakers.

Petros said we all love and own at least one pair of fancy sneakers that are hiding in our closet while we want them to be Stand out and showing off.

Sneakers in these days are not just shoes is a part of Culture, personality and ART that needs to be treated differently. So like everyone else has art of different types in Livingroom or office space or anywhere, We have the Gpillow you can customize it whoever you want or choose one of our favorite designs that fit your personality. Get your fancy GPillow to place your favorite sneakers on in any space you like or get your Gpillow with you to place your fancy pairs on for your amazing social media contest or anything crazy you decide to do.

Based in Austin, Texas, Goose Fashion Store and Designs are here to make you feel amazing and bring something unique and outstanding in your wardrobe. It was launched in 2020 by Petros Pournatzis, a young serial entrepreneur.

We want are products to be the best quality and top fashionable for our customers. We are here to make sure we always provide you pleasure and the satisfaction you deserve.

Goose Fashion team is here to make sure you always get noticed and have the best outfit for every event.

Stand Out and join our GCulture with GFashion.


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