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Philly Legend: Putting Philadelphia On The Map



Benjamin Hernandez better known by his artist name “Philly Legend” Is an on the rise rap artist from Philadelphia. Benjamin started rapping at only 15 years old. In Kensington and Tioga Benjamin stumbled across another artist named Hector which was actually his neighbor. They both began to rap together and create content, but Philly Legend was not built to be part of a rap group or musical duo. He wanted to pursue music on his own. Philly Legend began pushing his single to clubs and lounges in the Philly area to create some buzz behind his record.

He continued to grind and ended up creating his next hit single called “ Looking At The Clouds” which became a hit in 2020 and was aired on CME morning show in Philadelphia, PA. Philly Legend did not stop there. He ended up creating more content and started contacting celebrities such as Fat Joe. After spamming Fat Joe a ton of different times, he ended up responding and offering Philly Legend an opportunity. Papoose was next in line to contact Philly legend with another musical opportunity. Then Dave East contacted Philly Legend with another amazing opportunity. Philly Legend was finally getting noticed.

Philly Legend is still creating and does not wish to be like other rappers who bring negativity to the world within their music. He utilizes his own PTSD and Depression to create positive and motivational content. Philly Legend wishes to change the rap narrative and move it in a positive light instead violence.


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