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Power Bank Brand VEGER Comes With Fast Charging Feature



In today’s 21st century, we can’t leave without technology. From beginning of the day to till you go to bed, you use technology. Due to this, we are now heavily depended on gadgets including Smartphone, Tablets, Laptop, Camera etc. We need to continuous power to run all these devices. This is where the power bank comes into the picture.

When it comes to adopting the latest technology in power bank market, the VEGER is far ahead of its competitors. That’s only because their powerful team who are always ready to get feedback from the customers. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on marketing, the VEGER focuses on quality building which is must. If you want to purchase premium power bank from the customer friendly brand, then look no further and go for the VEGER only.

Experience The Fast Charging Power Bank

The VEGER has a dedicated research team who always try to utilize the modern technology. As a result of their dedication, the VEGER power bank is lightweight and portable too. However, they haven’t decrease the capacity of the power bank. With just 92gs weight, VEGER portable power bank comes with 5000mAh capacity. Since it ultra compact, and lightweight device, you can carry it anywhere. Need not to run out of the power anymore!

PD/QC Series are one of the best portable power bank from Veger with Power Delivery 3.0 and Qualcomm 3.0 technology that charges your gadgets at faster rate. The company was started few years back with the mission to offer the most reliable power bank at lowest possible prices and without compromising on quality. Today, VEGER is one of the top 5 global power bank brand, and that happen only due to exceptional customer service, innovative products and affordable price.

There are two different editions available out there; Veger 0556 and Veger 0556P. It is for type C devices and Apple devices respectively. If you are Smartphone supports type c charging, then you can go for the first version. Despite the fact that company is based in United States, they have factories, outlets and offices in South East Asia.

The device comes with built in upgraded cables, so you need to just plugin your iPhone and start charging it. You don’t need any extra cables or even don’t have to remove the iPhone case. The Veger power bank has a cap to protect the connector when you don’t want to use your device.

Company Address

VEGER Power Inc.
Contact Details:
Phone: +1 (323) 521-4183

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