The only constant thing about life is change. Many of us have already embraced this truth and adapt seamlessly to innovations and developments that continuously appear in our modern world.

Such change can also be found in the way people do business. Brian Murdock, the president of All World Communications Group, has seen the way business has evolved over the past year to cater to technology.

“I’ve always had a love for all things tech, but I changed the structure of my business years ago to provide others an opportunity to learn how to work to live  as opposed to living to work,” he said.

‘Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable’

Although Brian was one of the many visionaries who embraced technology and how it’s transformed business flow and processes, there are still some who struggled with accepting the necessary changes, especially if they’ve grown accustomed to doing things in a traditional manner.

To them, Brian offers a piece of advice: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“For any major change to happen whether in business, relationships, or life you have to do things you’ve never done before. As humans, we get comfortable doing just enough and just getting by. But we have to break that habit to truly maximize our potential. By doing that, we give our families, friends, and those in our tribes’ permission to be the best versions of themselves,” he said.

And to make the transition easier and faster for more companies, Brian established All World Communications Group.

Helping Companies Grow

All World Communications Group, according to Brian, caters to small to medium-sized businesses that may or may not have an IT staff. Basically, they work with companies that have a cursory understanding of technology but aren’t truly taking advantage of what’s available to truly transform their businesses in a meaningful way.

“We help companies increase efficiencies and revenue through leveraging technology, and that’s provided a great business, but we wanted to do more. I have a passion for helping companies as well as building communities, and it’s the reason we started All World Solutions, our non-profit arm in which all of the portfolio companies donate 10% of their profits to training youth and creating career pathways in underserved communities.” Brian said.

Brian and his company help enterprises achieve their business goals as well as changing the trajectories of employees, their families and community members lives by being intentional on their mission to eliminate the digital divide and employ 10,000 people in the next 10 years.

He added that he and his team pride themselves on being a diverse group that leans into their empathy towards each other as well as their clients. They embody the saying, Building Infrastructure While Building Communities!

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