Presidentrj is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. His talent and skills have earned him some recognition throughout his music career. You won’t catch this artist in just one spot. He is always out and about getting something done or just enjoying his life. Presidentrj is truly about growing and leveling up. 

Presidentrj has grown in his music career so much he has met and seen a good amount of notable people. He has released a music video with the co-star of Blueface’s new reality tv show “Chrisean Malone” called, “Blue Girls Club”. The show has taken off and has been deemed, “the only true reboot of Flavor of Love”. Blueface has come up with the show to develop these women by exercising their temper, attitude, patience, and composure. He has let the girls, including the female in Presidentrj’s music video “Chrisean Malone”, use his platform as a second chance to achieve their goals and chase their dreams without having to result in other ways just to only get by.    The music video was shot by TYLERKENDALL and the video captures exactly what you would expect for cuffing season. Check out Presidentrj’s video along with one of the Blue Girls, Chrisean Malone. This visual is an instant classic and has a smooth melodic vibe to it. You can stream the visual now on Youtube. The track is titled “Crib Tonight”. Presidentrj is definitely grinding. He was recently featured in The Source and other major publications. His music is taking off so make sure you tap in and check him out.