Sydney, Australia (Hexa PR Wire – June 19, 2023) – Nir Shor is joining forces with Minted Loot Studios. The focus of their project is to explore how generative AI can be used in creating adaptive video game music that responds to game scenarios, characters, and player interactions.

Details of the Partnership

The collaboration will primarily involve the forthcoming game from Minted Loot Studios called ChronoForge. This multiplayer action RPG will feature Shor as the lead composer. He will be working with Minted Loot’s AI engine, Mind Tome, known for its capability to produce numerous AI characters for ChronoForge’s fantasy setting.

ChronoForge makes use of AI for dynamic gaming experiences. ChronoForge makes use of AI for dynamic gaming experiences.

Shor’s role in this venture involves crafting unique musical scores for each AI character in the game. The objective is to align these scores with each character’s backstory and achievements to help create a cohesive gaming experience. The team also plans to utilize user-generated lore and player actions in the game as inputs for the AI, which will then adapt the music accordingly. Addressing concerns about AI and the world of musical artistry, Shor highlights that “there are sides to AI that could truly create a unique individual experience using dynamic musical implementation. This also could revolutionize the way music works in Video Games – specifically by augmenting and personalizing the experiences created by music composers.”

Generative AI in the Gaming Sector

The use of generative AI systems like Mind Tome is becoming increasingly prevalent in creative industries, especially in game development. By potentially reducing development costs and creating new revenue opportunities, this technological shift is slowly gaining acceptance. Minted Loot’s CTO, Lachlan Craigie, highlights the potential impact of large-scale personalization through AI in the gaming industry. He states that “when you look at the success of game cosmetics worldwide, it’s clear that character depth and customization is of paramount value to players. With AI we’ve been able to give a level of depth to thousands of playable characters that would normally be reserved for just a dozen key NPCs.”

About Nir Shor

Nir Shor, Composer and Audio Engineer. Photo credit: Dan Shor, with permission. Nir Shor, Composer and Audio Engineer. Photo credit: Dan Shor, with permission.

Nir Shor has been involved in various roles including composition, production, and mixing engineering in the gaming and media audio sectors. He has worked on a range of video games and other media projects, showcasing his industry experience. Shor has utilized a variety of musical styles in his work to produce varied and unique soundtracks.

About Minted Loot Studios

Minted Loot Studios is based in Sydney, Australia. The team includes individuals with expertise in different technological areas such as AI, AR/VR, and blockchain. This variety allows them to create unique gaming experiences for their users. They aim to challenge traditional gaming experiences through the use of advanced technologies like AI and AR.


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