Miami, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–August 7, 2023)–In episode #39 of The Clever Investor Show, host Cody Sperber engages real estate professionals Bryant Aplass and Forrest Blackburn in a dialogue regarding their individual journeys in the realm of real estate, shedding light on the nuances of networking, the potential of AI in the field, and personal stories that have molded their investing trajectories.

About Guest: Bryant Aplass & Forrest Blackburn

Bryant Aplass, Entrepreneur
Bryant Aplass, Entrepreneur

Bryant Aplass is a real estate entrepreneur who highlights the approach of starting with wholesaling in the field of real estate. He discusses networking and believes in the importance of mutual relationships in the industry.

Forrest Blackburn, Entrepreneur
Forrest Blackburn, Entrepreneur

Forrest Blackburn is an American entrepreneur and real estate investor. Blackburn has been associated with several HGTV brands and has sold over $1B in properties and portfolios since 2020. He holds the position of Director of Operations at Green Elephant Development and is a member of advisory boards in the REI sector. His roles have encompassed areas such as sales, marketing, and real estate investment strategy.

About Host: Cody Sperber

Cody Sperber is based in Arizona and has a background in real estate and cryptocurrency investment. He has been involved in several real estate transactions. Sperber is also the Founder/CEO of Clever Investor, an educational entity in the real estate sector.

About The Program: The Clever Investor Show

The Clever Investor Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Cody Sperber. The podcast includes discussions related to investment, with a focus on experiences and learnings in the realm of real estate.

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