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Private Plate Benefits



1. It will improve the value of the vehicle

Private plates are not making that much money when compared to before. There are a lot of people out there still looking for private plates as an investment. You own the private plate registration when you buy it. You can choose to sell it or auction it if you wish provided you have all the paperwork. There are a lot of people looking for private plates, the one you have could fetch you good money. If you have something like “GOOGL3” you can get a lot of money by selling it.

2. Preventing thieves

While having a plate is not going to physically prevent thieves, a thief is going to think twice before stealing because the customized plates make the car more recognizable. It is much easier for thieves to steal a car without a private plate compared to one that has. It is hard for them to hide in the crowd, which makes things a little harder for them. This is why they prefer cars without private plates.

3. Hiding the age of the vehicle

It is easy to know the age of the vehicle by looking at when it was registered, which can be easily seen on the number plate. It is easy for people to figure out when your car was registered by looking at the number plate. Most people can do this without any problem. When your car has a custom plate from New Reg, it is hard for someone to know the year that your vehicle was registered. This makes it hard for people to know the age of your car.

4. Model number

If the vehicle is a special model, then it might be a good idea to use a model number as the private plate. Most automobile enthusiasts are going to appreciate this.

When you have a car like a Porsche, you can get a “911” as your private plate and it is going to be amazing. You will be happy with this plate and people are going to be impressed when they see it. you can have the model number of your car as the private plate. You have a lot of styles to choose from, especially if you decide to go dateless.


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