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Hello to all the tea lovers out there!

Well, almost everyone is a tea lover. Don’t you believe that? Let me tell you why almost everyone is a tea lover. The statistics tell us that tea is the second most consumed drink in the world. It comes only after water. Well, water is the life sustaining drink. If we exclude water from the competition, we will come to know that there is no any other drink in the world that can compete with the tea in context of the number of consumers. So, stating it the other way, tea is the most loved drink in the world. Subsequently, almost everyone in the world can be considered a tea lover.

An assessment of the global consumption of tea:

Due to it’s popularity, tea holds a position of prestige in world affairs. History is filled with numerous instances where tea has played a decisive role in shaping global affairs. Symbolized by the Boston Tea Party, it also contributed to the struggle of American Independence. Same is the case today. The love for tea is increasing globally at an unprecedented scale. In 2020, global consumption of tea amounted to about 6.3 billion kilograms and is estimated to trend upwards of 7.4 billion kilograms by 2025.

Tea Tasters: The Experts Responsible for Creating Tea Blends

This is happening because people want to obtain the best blends of different tea samples from across the world. Today we are going to introduce the professionals who have certified knowledge and understanding of the essence of the tea. These people are known as Professional Tea Tasters. They are the people responsible for developing the best tea combinations and subsequently boosting the consumption of tea. Tea tasters are trained professionals who undertake training of not less than five years to be able to testify the consistency of a tea blend to ensure quality and authenticity of a mix. They are trained to identify the flavors, origins, and different attributes of the tea as compared to a set benchmarks and standards. They are trained enough to give an accurate verdict regarding the quality, origin and specifications of the tea, not only by testing, but also by looking at the dried and infused tea leaves. All in all, they are the people responsible for certifying whether the tea is of the right quality and matches the standards of the target consumer.

It is often next to impossible to ask professional tea testers for their insights regarding different questions about tea. So, we have brought a complete package of research-based knowledge about the history, origin, and different types of tea all the way from world renowned tea testers and professionals. The real tea lovers are going to love it.

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