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Radiofix Keeps On Rising



Radiofix is infectious, versatile, and for the people: “We believe music is the key to helping people feel like they’re not alone, like there is something out there bigger than themselves, whether you’re feeling elated or sad, there is music out there that can get you centered, and that’s the music we want to make for people” says Daniel Martin, singer/guitarist for Radiofix, continues Martin: “The three of us have played a lot of music, a lot of different ways with different people, but once we got together that’s when we really started making something special, and that’s what we want to keep doing.” Radiofix sticks to the basics of being original and writing from the heart. Each song a story in itself, Radiofix prides themselves on giving the audience something they want to hear live, and making records you want to repeatedly. Check out their new music video for ‘The End’, the title track for our newly released album ‘Meet Me at the End’ out now on all platforms. The song portrays the feelings we have when we’re not sure we will find the life we’re looking for, and our end is near, only to realize the end is our destination, and is only the beginning of our journey, and love has met us there.

Radiofix is fresh off their latest release ‘Meet Me At The End’. Singer Daniel Martin says “This compilation of 11 tracks is definitely the most diverse we have ever put together. It blends traditional alternative rock and roll with melodic and piano forward songs, all of which are strongly hinged on the lyric storylines, which we believe is what sets us apart”.  Radiofix consists of Daniel Charles Martin (Vocals/Guitar), Benjamin Thurston (Bass), and Tim Schultz (Drums), check out their lates and greatest and give them a like/follow them on Instagram & Twitter.

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