I Am A Father First Before Music I Have 2 kids a son and a daughter. They Are My Heart Literally I Get happy seeing them happy. I Love Feeling Like I Make them smile I love seeing them Enjoying life. I make music to get out all my frustrations and to Release my pain. I have struggled so many times with life Because the Law And Trusting the wrong people But I finally been getting it together. I Got my 1st cuzzin that I was raised with 24/7 did everything together played on same football teams fought together shopped together that was my Cuzzin Brother Bestfriend.  He Been locked up 5 years and got a total of 21 years so I promised him I would give all I got to this music game hoping money comes out of it so I can provide for my kids and my family and get him another lawyer to take his case back to court. I am a man of God I trust God And Found peace with life because of God And I am Going to give music and Everything else I Do 1000%. I put my all into everything cause if I don’t it’s no reason for me to be doing it. I recently dropped a song with BarbaraSon records artist lil bro Yp called pharmacy that’s really gaining a lot of different peoples attention and I have made a Single YSG. Just me on that song and it caught jadakiss attention and that opened my eyes and I knew I was actually talented coming from a legend of that sort. YSG is abbreviation for Young Street Goons Which I came Up With from scratch and Ran with it as a brand , and as a family I personally recruited 8-10 people loyal people that been around me for a long time and I feel as I can trust and they are very supportive and help me with ideas they got my back 100%. My favorite rappers coming up was Tupac Scarface Chief keef and lil durk. I am 23 years old And I Feel It’s Time To Go all out with my music that’s where I’m at right now.

instagram @ Raletup