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Randy Ponce’s Path to Success



Since he was 14-years-old, Randy Ponce has always had the dream to become a successful entrepreneur. Inspired by seeing his childhood friends who had the freedom to travel and buy whatever they wanted, he knew that his dream life would only be reached by taking risks and betting on himself. Despite his dreams and desires, he did not have an easy path to success. However, due to his grit and determination, he now is a highly successful entrepreneur who owns three different businesses in the home building and real estate industry. 

“I Was A Break Dancer”

Ponce had quit an unusual start to his entrepreneurial journey. “I was a break dancer.” Following a brief stint in breakdancing, he found himself building a brand as a DJ. He made okay money and definitely created some memories, but he wasn’t content. He still wanted to be an entrepreneur and build a business. AFter several years, he took the first step in turning his dream into a reality. Currently, he is the founder and owner of three companies: With these companies, he has achieved the dream that he had since he was 14 years old. “Now, I have more time for my family and traveling. I’m still building but I have been blessed with everything I ever dreamed of.”

The Secret Is Investing 

To look at him now, you would think that Randy had started in the real estate industry, but that’s not the case. Before Randy launched his three companies, he started his career by investing in wireless stores early on. “The first business that took off was my wireless stores. I was in the wireless industry from 2005 till 2016. I opened up one location with some capital that I borrowed from my father-in-law, about $5,000, and from there catapulted and ended up with 38 brick and mortar locations nationwide and 11 mall locations.” with the fortune that he made from this initial $5000 investment, he was able to reinvest in his newer ventures. He believes that investing is key and one of the misconceptions that many of us are taught growing up is that the money we earn is only meant to be spent. 

“There needs to be a middle ground between making money and investing in it. If you just spend what you make, you will go broke and die a poor man. You need to invest your earnings to sustain your wealth,” he said. 

Find Someone To Teach You

Now with many years under his belt, Randy can look back at his success and see what led him on his path. And while he certainly can credit his willingness to risk everything, his hard work and determination, he views a major part of his success as the ability to find coaching and mentors. “Find someone who’s been in your shoes or been there before, someone who’s persevered and is where you want to be. Find that person so they can coach and develop you and get you to where you want to be. You’ll achieve your goals 10 times faster than if you try to do it alone.” In addition to finding people to help guide and educate you, he also stressed the importance of building a team to help you reach your goals.

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