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Raya Dize’s new single ‘Truth’ is a light in the darkness of 2022



Raya Dize’s new single ‘Truth’ is a light in the darkness of 2022

Raya Dize is excited to declare the release of her new single ‘Truth’ on all major music streaming services. The music video for ‘Truth’ premiered on YouTube June 17, 2022, and is already buzzing amongst fans of the artist. This single is a collaboration with Antony Waldhorn.

Raya’s music and lyrics always feature profound meanings that delve deeper into the problems with society. She addresses this in ‘Truth,’ where she states, “The whole world seems untrue / While living by the rules, / We follow cents…such fools.” Raya’s message of faith remains strong as she advocates for believing in yourself and not simply following in the footsteps of others. ‘Truth’ reinforces that is more important to remain true to yourself and your true purpose than blindly following the masses in the “spell [they] are under.”

Raya speaks out on what inspired her to write this new single: ‘“Truth sets me free” mean[s] that it’s time to stand my ground and be true to myself in a society that forces us to be and think in a certain way… Trust in God gives me confidence in my authentic self.”

Spirituality is an important part of Raya’s life that is reflected in her music. She clearly wants to wake people up through her music, and any listener of Raya’s music can feel the flow of energy course through her words and into our souls, pointing us in the right direction. Even people who don’t consider themselves to be spiritual or religious can find the light through Raya’s impactful voice. ‘Truth’ is a pop revolution that everyone should add to their playlist immediately.

About Raya Dize

Raya Dize is an international pop singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, violin, Celtic harp, keyboard), dancer, actress, classical pianist, and more. Born in Germany, Raya moved around the world through the years and has a multicultural heritage. Beginning at the age of 3, Raya devoted her life to classical music by playing piano and singing opera. Classical music will always hold a special place in Raya’s heart, as it is a source of healing for her, but at the age of 13, Raya shifted her sights towards pop music and wrote her first pop song.

After attaining her bachelor’s degree, Raya moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her dreams of being a singer/songwriter, and still resides in LA where she continues to work on new songs and projects. Raya writes music, plays several instruments, dances for other artists, and pursues her acting aspirations. Above all, Raya believes in going towards your dreams, staying loyal to them, and always showing kindness to others.

For more information about Raya and to stay in the loop, check out her social media platforms: Website:

Instagram: @rayadize

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