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Rebeccah Silence: REDX 2022 Top Emotional Healing and Relationship Coach



Emotional Healing & Relationship Coach Rebeccah Silence with clients at the Healing IS Possible Weekend Retreat in Santa Fe, NM, September 2022. Participants were the first to receive copies of her new book, Coming Back to Life.

Here at Redx magazine, we honor entrepreneurs and different categories of innovators and leaders. 

In 2022, there were countless successful entrepreneurs that made extraordinary contributions in the world.  

We are proud to honor them and recognize their hard work and dedication. Some of them went above and beyond, and we believe they deserve recognition for their contributions. These are individuals who valiantly helped people in their industry and provided growth opportunities at scale. 

Last year, one courageous woman stood out for her dedicated effort and extensive expertise as an emotional healing and relationship coach. 

Her Name Is Rebeccah Silence. 

Rebeccah Silence (Credit: Anthony Camera)

Rebeccah is a world-renowned Emotional Healing & Relationship Coach and media personality with over 20 years of experience in human behavior, growth, and development. 

After surviving cancer while pregnant, she has dedicated her life to helping people heal emotionally and spiritually. She is an accomplished TV and radio personality, a bestselling author, and the creator of the “Emotional Survival Kit” online course. She has helped countless individuals, couples, and families to heal and process even the most intense of experiences. 

Emotional health is essential for our overall well-being — yet, it’s often overlooked. When we focus on physical health, we tend to forget about our emotional health, which can lead to long-term problems. 

Through her groundbreaking work, Rebeccah Silence teaches people how to become their own healers, to love and trust themselves, and to be their best for others and the world. 

Rebeccah is the author of Coming Back to Life, and host of the “Healing IS Possible Experience” and the “Tougher Together Breakthrough” Podcast. She is a powerful voice in the space of healing and self-development, inspiring people to move through their recovery so that they can truly thrive.

She has developed a unique approach to healing—The Practice of Emotional Healing, which combines self-inquiry, emotional intelligence, and somatic practices to help people move through emotional pain into a place of peace, joy, and freedom, regardless of past trauma. 

She is passionate about helping people connect with their true selves and helps her clients and audiences live purposefully. She believes that when we learn to love ourselves, we can create more meaningful relationships with others, make better decisions for our lives, and ultimately, live our best lives.

“I teach people how to use trauma and life in all of its seasons to their advantage, which helps them fully feel alive and at their best”

Rebeccah Silence

While Rebeccah’s last name is “Silence,” she is far from silent. Over the last 20 years, she has been incredibly vocal and outspoken about mental and emotional health. From hosting radio programs and speaking at conferences to writing books, selling out countless retreats, and hosting podcasts, she has been an inspiring leader in the field of emotional intelligence. 

Rebeccah Silence’s mission is to help people know how to be truly happy and free, while experiencing the best of who they are, as they commit to a life that is built on their desires and wants. She believes we are meant to be fulfilled and enjoying the best of what life has to offer. 

Rebeccah emphasizes that an unprecedented global emotional and mental health crisis is occurring, and even the U.S. government has told us it’s time to heal. Yet, there is a lack of guidance for people to know precisely how to recover and heal in such a way that the past is actually the past and the future can be whatever we choose it to be.

Silence is also vocal about the devastating results of not addressing mental health in our youth, which has resulted in countless school shootings.

According to the latest research, more than 323,000 students in the United States have experienced gun violence at school since the Columbine shooting in 1999. 

These shocking statistics demonstrate that there is an unprecedented need for leaders like Rebeccah to help people heal and conquer trauma.

Through her work, she is helping to create a more compassionate world where everyone can feel safe and supported.

This is why REDx honors Rebeccah Silence as the Top Emotional Healing & Relationship Coach of 2022.

Book: Coming Back to Life

Instagram: @rebeccahsilence

Twitter: @RebeccahSilence

Tougher Together Breakthrough Podcast 


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