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Recording Artist skree is Breaking the Barriers in the Music Industry with His Creativity



Recording Artist skree is Breaking the Barriers in the Music Industry with His Creativity 

2020 may have been an unfortunate year to many, but to others, it’s just another year to continue the hustle and make a difference in the world. As the year came to an end, recording artist skree went out with a bang.

He closed 2020 with four projects under his belt and now he’s starting 2021 with the follow up long-play (LP) to #SYN, Ivy. 

The Man Named skree 

Born in Buffalo, New York, the professional recording artist skree is born as Jason Jae’Quan. He is half brother to his counterpart, Vampvre, whom together form the collective DA89 or Dangerous Angels since early 2016. 

He has been multi-dimensionally recording throughout the East Coast and breaking barriers in his realm creatively. 

skree has grossed more than 500,000 in reach and impressions internationally this year alone. But that’s nothing compared to the success that he will soon amass.

After releasing a number of visuals and earning official verification via YouTube in 2020, audiences can also find many of skree’s lyrics showcased on Genius where the visionary is also verified. 

Through his hardwork, skree has accumulated and branded himself a following of 70,000 hip-hop or music lovers. 

What Sets Him Apart 

With many artists setting out to make a name for themselves, skree has something up his sleeve that sets him apart from the rest and that’s mystique and substance, something skree feels that’s missing from the game right now. 

“My passion for music outweighs the antics. Where I am today is direct correlation of what I’ve molded myself to be musically, creative-wise, fashion-wise, and more. I’m letting the world walk in my shoes every record that’s the luggage I carry being me,” he said. 

skree’s success can also be attributed to working with a good team of designers, executives, and more that knows how to help him rise to the top. 

“No one is bringing to the table what me and my team have to offer so it’s important they stay in position,” skree said. 

Taking Things to A New Level

Since skree has made the most of 2020, he now plans to take his art to the next level this 2021. 

“My goal this year is to take the art to another level like I’ve [what] been doing. It’s all about what’s next with me. You can expect more than five innovative projects this year,” the artist said. 

Fans can expect three extended plays, and two albums that are yet to be titled.

skree will also be releasing a project called IVY which he calls’“ MENACE. A breath of fresh air. The 2nd INSTALLMENT to a discography that prolongs a very lengthy run in this industry.”

“Smokin’ out the P

but they can’t see cuz the tint,

Smoke a lotta Z u smell the scent,

Walk around like I’m heaven sent,

Duckin’ guns n sin, but never men

Never double crossin kin”

The rapper taunts on “10”

Associated Acts 

Wiz Khalifa

Fat joe

Trippie redd

Chuck Strangers

Betha Betha



Brandon Cartierr



Shawn Vengance


Learn more about Skree Genius and Skree Instagram


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At the age of 16 he decided to drop out of school to work instead. Learning that he soon had a son on the way he was laid off and had to figure out another means for income. The streets came into play. It took whatever to put food on the table for his family. All of the trials and tribulations put a battery in back to make his music and name successful. His music has now been recognized by Freeway, Dragon, Chris Rivers, the CEO of RR and many others. His single “What Else You Need” was even reposted on Nino Mans page. It was great to be recognized by so many hip-hop influencers. His song “Don’t Hate On Me” has over 100 thousands plays and is his top streamed track currently.

Loon Gz is underrated, but will soon been known. His project “We In The Building & We Outside At The Same Damn Time” released just last month. The project has a total of 7 tracks. These are all heart felt tracks and are as real as it gets. Check out his content and be sure to stay tuned for the release of his clothing line “Stunt Bucket”.

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Radio Host BourgeoisLatte Is Ready To Brew New Coffee For Indie Artists



 Born in Chicago, Valencia Hall-Jones is a radio host for Latte Java Drips Radio. She is most known as BourgeoisLatte or Latte who incorporates her love for coffee and music in giving independent artists the platform that they deserve through various interviews and music showcases. Aside from being a radio host, she is a CEO, content creator, public relationist, and social media influencer. The life of Valencia Hall-Jones has always revolved around art and elegance and she is ready to reach new heights.

Curator of Coffee and Music

Valencia’s passion has always been the same – to enjoy all genres of music and share them with others. She discovered that listening to music is a more enjoyable activity when there is coffee involved and that’s how she got the idea of bridging the culture of coffee and music together. She studied Communications/Theater Education at Grambling State University in Louisiana and ever since, it has been her mission to create a community where everyone can flourish.

Valencia became BourgeoisLatte when she started her radio host journey in an app called Stationhead. There she rose to the top and was awarded #1 radio host on her show “Cougar Club and Bourgeois Cofee Table. She has interviewed several well-known artists in the music industry providing fans with fresh insights and insider info from their favorite artists. With her shows, the aroma of new music spread to people like an espresso coffee on a Sunday morning. 

Launching Her Radio

 BourgeoisLatte has slowly made a name for herself in the music industry. With her shows that provide services such as radio submission, playlist submission, interviews, and promo services to artists, she is now ready to brew a different cup of coffee in her new platform.Her style and elegance coupled with her cool demeanor made her the perfect person to showcase rising artists and hot new music. And she will be doing this by launching a new international radio station called “Latte Java Drips Radio” with a slogan of “Where Latte Keeps It Cool While Making It Hot”.

With her expertise in creating audio-visual experiences and her dedication to the art of music, we can expect great things from her station. Her ultimate mission is to get more and more independent artists to be seen and heard in the industry while being able to enjoy the finer things in life – Coffee and People. Valencia Hall-Jones is a woman of class, coffee, and character. Stay tuned as she will be releasing more and more shows for the people, all for the name of art. 

Learn more about BourgeoisLatte through her Instagram.

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Young Sauce Da God Is Going All Out As An Independent Artist



Alex Dover a.k.a. Young Sauce Da God is an independent artist from Atlanta, Georgia whose name has been slowly becoming a powerhouse in the underground music scene. Now he is cementing his place as one of the best new lyricists with his hit new single called “All I need ft. Semi Sinatra”. His eyes are set on the top and many are on the lookout for him this 2022.

Looking back to the past

Alex Dover started his music journey by forming a group called Push up Boyz with his 2 friends when he graduated High School. This group has taught him the value of hard work and surrounding himself with the right people. It paved the way for him to flourish as an artist and learned a lot about music production. With the support and love from peers and family members, the group became an instant success. They have been known as one of the best performers in the local music scene in Ohio and delighted the community with vibrant and no-nonsense hip-hop music. In 2011, the group decided to disband and pursue individual goals as an artist.

This allowed Alex Dover to rebrand himself as a solo artist and took the name of Young Sauce Da God whose main goal is to be the best musician he can be. For the last 2 years, his name has been heating up in the underground music scene performing on different venues and shows. He even opened up for some of the biggest hip hop names including Lil Wayne, Future, Da Baby Meek Mill, and Fabolous. Now his name is being heard around the industry and has started to make a reputation as one of the rising artists to watch out for. His debut album titled “Back 2 Da Basics” has reached more than 200k streams on Spotify. This is a testament to his versatility as an artist making songs that give a real connection to the hearts of his fans. 

Looking deeper as an artist

Young Sauce Da God’s creative process is unique to other artists. He creates his songs while driving. This artist definitely gets a lot of inspiration from witnessing life in a personal manner through driving and this helps his creativity to expand furthermore. Just like driving, everyone needs a break sometimes. You get tired of doing something for a very long time. So Young Sauce as an artist implores techniques on how he recharges himself. He makes sure to take a break and clear his mind of all other things that might distract him. Just like in driving, you need to be focused on the road to reach your ultimate destination. These ways keep him grounded and remind him of the reason why he is pursuing a career in music.

Going solo as an artist is not an easy decision to make. It requires grit, faith, and a tremendous amount of hard work. Young Sauce Da God recognized the struggles he faced when he was just starting out to make a name for himself as he shared,

“The greatest challenge I faced so far in my career, I would have to say, is transitioning from a group to solo artist.”

This is why he took the time to continue honing his craft and building his brand as an artist. All this became fruitful after quite some time as he started to create music that slowly made him one of the best underground artists to watch out for this 2022. His new single “All I need ft. Semi Sinatra” has been an instant radio hit and it is definitely a song that is worth a listen. To learn more about Young Sauce Da God’s journey through his Instagram and Youtube Channel.

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