We are pleased to announce that RedX Magazine has ranked Jeremiah Jacksun as The Top Independent Artist of 2022. He is the rising young star of the hip-hop music industry and what sets him apart from his peers is the thoughtfulness in his work. Jeremiah’s body of work reflects a deep sense of sensitivity and vulnerability. Being a hip-hop star, it is not easy to stop yourself from merging into the crowd because every new artist feels the pressure to conform to the typical trends of this industry. Only a few can maintain their unique identity, and Jeremiah deserves appreciation for staying true to himself and inspiring millions of others to do the same.

It is important to highlight how the ranking system rates talent. While numbers and popularity standards are needed, an artist should not be judged entirely in terms of figures. When it comes to celebrating artists, there is much more to consider. Artists have the power to change perceptions and shape world views. Their efforts and talent must be recognized when they bring something unique, positive, and powerful to the audience. It will encourage rising artists and also allow more people to get inspired by their work. If such artists are not appreciated for what they do, people will be forced to hear the same kind of stuff repeatedly and eventually develop a similar taste. Many people, especially the youth, have become fans of music that promotes aggressive behaviors and insinuates violence. This is alarming, and that is why it is necessary to promote artists whose work embodies compassion, warmth, and positivity.

Recently, the Digital Journal released an article about Jeremiah Jacksun’s album Thinking Out Loud. The article beautifully illustrates the themes of his album and how each song brings something uniquely beautiful to the people. His album touches upon trauma, healing, self-esteem, resilience, mother’s love, and the willingness to become better. A truly remarkable thing about his work is that the songs have no profanities, which is extremely rare.

Our criteria to rank Jeremiah as The Top Independent Artist differed from most. It is not just the subjects he chooses to discuss in his work but also the style of discussion. His decision to not follow the trends blindly and carve his own path is worth appreciating. When we become true to ourselves, we also inspire others to find their true calling in life. When an artist frees himself of the pressure to fit in and the intention behind his work is not figures, charts, and numbers, only then can he truly be himself. Sales are important, but they should not be the driving force in life. When your work has a deeper purpose, and you start to follow your subjective definition of success, you will be admired and reach heights of popularity.

With the support from his native community and fans around the globe, Jeremiah has managed to land interviews with well-known popular blogs like Shoutout Atlanta Magazine and Voyage ATL Magazine. Jeremiah has a promising career ahead, and we eagerly await his new ventures. We hope that he continues to inspire people and touch their lives with his art.