Paul Boynton is a name that is synonymous with positivity and inspiration. As a bestselling author, life coach, and keynote speaker, he has spent over 50 years in the human services and non-profit sectors, helping people live purposeful, meaningful lives. And now, with his newest book, “Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope,” Boynton continues his mission of uplifting and motivating people to find balance in their lives, face challenges head-on, and emerge stronger and wiser.

At the heart of “Remember” is the idea that life is a journey with twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows. It’s a reality that Boynton knows all too well, having experienced both the joys and sorrows of living an imperfect life. But rather than let those challenges defeat him, Boynton has used them to fuel his passion for helping others. His new book is a testament to his belief that you can find the strength and courage to move forward no matter what life throws your way.

In “Remember,” Boynton offers readers an easy-to-read, personal diary of encouraging observations and thoughts that blend optimism with grounded-in-reality honesty. His words remind us that storm clouds always pass, our dreams count, and we are here to live purposeful, peaceful lives, no matter what challenges we face or difficulties we must overcome. It’s a message resonating with millionsworldwide who have co-created the “Begin with Yes” community, an influential group of everyday people stepping up to more meaningful and authentic lives.

One of the things that sets “Remember” apart from other self-help books is its relatability. Boynton doesn’t sugarcoat life’s challenges or pretend everything will be okay if we think positively. Instead, he acknowledges that life can be challenging but also shows us that we have the power within us to face those challenges with bravery and resilience. He encourages readers to find meaning and purpose in their lives, to be their authentic selves, and to take small, doable steps toward their big goals.

Another unique aspect of “Remember” is the sense of community that Boynton creates through his writing. His words are meant to be read and forgotten and shared with others who may need a reminder of their strength and resiliency. In fact, Boynton’s book has already garnered praise from some famous personalities, including Brook Shields, who wrote a quote for the book, and Jane Seymour, who wrote the forward for the 10th anniversary of Boynton’s best-selling book, “Begin with Yes.”

If you’re searching for a book that will lift your spirits, offer comfort and courage during life’s challenges, and remind you of your own resiliency and strength, then “Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope” is the perfect choice. It’s a book that will motivate you to face life’s challenges with bravery, to find joy and meaning in the journey, and to remember that you are not alone.

In conclusion, “Remember – A Little Book of Courage, Comfort and Hope” is a must-read for anyone who wants to live a more purposeful, meaningful life. Paul Boynton’s words offer a fresh perspective on life’s challenges, grounded in reality and optimism. He shows us that no matter what we face, we have the power within us to be brave, to find hope and comfort, and to emerge wiser and stronger on the other side. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, or just a reminder of your own strength and resiliency, “Remember” is the perfect book to add to your reading list. So why not start your journey of self-discovery today, and uncover the courage and comfort you need to face life’s challenges head-on?