Remi Jones is a 3x American award-winning television personality, businesswoman, correspondent, and brand ambassador. She grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. She also spent a vast part of her adolescence in New York with her father. As a child, she lived on the west end of Providence with her younger brother. As a teenager, she graduated from The Met High School and continued her education pursuing a fashion degree at Johnson and Wales University in 2008. Years later she attended community college at CCRI. Here is where she obtained her degree in paralegal studies. Subsequent to graduating she took classes in communication and journalism. She also auditioned for a television correspondent for a show in New York and acquired the position.

In 2019 she initiated her own media enterprise and television show called “Remi TV”. Remi’s show aims to highlight black business owners, artists, celebrities, and other talents. Remi concentrates on the positive conversation on her show. Her primary focus is disclosing the stories of individuals who have done well in the world. She provides a secure and hospitable atmosphere for her guests. She also provides a platform for guests to speak on their accolades and charitable deeds towards the community. Remi strays away from the standard scandals and gossip of daytime television.

The Remi TV show premiered on a New York City television network called Bronx net. Later the PEG network was the show’s home; before debuting in Massachusetts. Before she began her show and enterprise, she interviewed various talents across New York City. Remi cultivated her television show over the years and entirely self-funded her show. She didn’t allow trials and tribulations to yield her progression. She has conveyed resiliency and pivoted to ensure the “Remi TV Show” continued. Remi knew her message was essential to get out in the world.

Being a positive influence, Remi, has manufactured her own path. Successfully converting into a household name she has attracted a dedicated audience. “A girl from a small city; with big dreams” has quickly converted into her brand’s mantra. Remi vigorously has strutted through trials and tribulations she faced. As she propelled towards obtaining her goals in the entertainment industry.

In 2023, Jones commenced a non-profit organization called Remi TV Nation. The non-profit does community and philanthropy affairs in the state of Rhode Island. Currently, the non-profit is preparing a Narcan allocation project. The assignment will aid individuals who are struggling with addiction. The Narcan project aspires to distribute 150-500 Narcans in five towns in the state of Rhode Island.

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