Rene Bonét had the internet buzzing as she recently teased what seems to be clips from a steamy new
music video.

The small clip features the classic elegance of the R&B superstar showing more than she has ever
shown before, as she sports a revealing body suit, fishnet stockings, gold and diamonds around her
neck and her signature red locs, while showcasing a very sexy side of her through dance that we aren’t
used to seeing from the songstress.

Rene Bonét’s soothing vocals are heard sparkling over beautifully blended production, that seems to
contain a sample from the 90’s R&B hit, Soon As I Get Home by Faith Evans.

The singer released her last single , Nights Like This , back in April, and it immediately debuted at No. 2
on the Apple Music R&B charts. The music video also hit the charts peaking at No. 22 in all genres. At the time of this writing Nights Like This, has enjoyed a consecutive 25 week run on one of Apple Music’s most popular R&B playlist, Brown Sugar, with hundreds of thousands of streams.

Rene never ceases to amaze us when it comes to the delivery of her music. Constantly surprising us with
her artistry. Rene is constantly setting the bar and going over the bar, making major moves. Her music
has connected with the stories of so many people, garnering her millions of fans. What is most important, is that in her growth, she remains consistent in the quality of music that she releases. She has an ever expanding brand that is hard to compare to any other artist, giving us that modern delivery with a classic R&B tone and vibe.

Now in the height of the trailblazing success of her last single she follows up with another certified banger in the track cleverly titled… Keith Sweat.