Teacher Yang Yan is a well-known figure in the world of Chinese art. He is not only a creative painter and calligrapher but also a humanitarian who has traveled to more than 60 countries, recording his experiences in videos and photographs. He has also explored other art forms such as music, film, poetry, and stage plays, creating a unique style that combines calligraphy and painting with sound and light. This has resulted in an innovative art form that combines poetry, dance, music, and painting, which has been pioneered by Teacher Yang Yan.

Yang Yan believes that artistic inspiration can come from anywhere, even from a simple walk on an old pier by the riverside. He believes that traditional methods of creating art are outdated and seeks to combine different art forms to create something new and unique. For the past 50 years, Yang Yan has traveled extensively throughout China, seeking inspiration from the natural beauty of the country’s mountains and rivers. As a member of the Sanjiu Society, he has always had a strong sense of social responsibility and a deep appreciation for history.

Yang Yan’s son, Prince Yang Heping, who is currently studying in the United States, recently received a double promotion in his elementary school. To celebrate his son’s success, Yang Yan created a series of small artworks, which he shipped to his son in the United States. Little did he know that these small artworks would help to bring his own paintings to a wider audience in America.

Prince Yang, inspired by his father’s artistic creations, decided to support the International Police and Veterans Foundation Holiday Gala, organized by St. Michael, Sir Gary, and Madam Xu An Jun. He used his father’s small artworks to raise funds for the foundation, which were auctioned for a value of around $3,250. Half of the funds raised were donated to the foundation, while the other half was returned to Prince Yang.

This event was a great success, and it helped to promote Yang Yan’s art in America. Yang Yan has always believed that art and life should be closely integrated, and this event is a perfect example of this philosophy. By combining his artistic talents with his son’s humanitarian efforts, Yang Yan was able to promote his art and support a good cause at the same time.

To learn more about Yang Yan’s art, you can follow him on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram at iloveyangyan, and on Twitter at iloveyangyan1. You can also contact him directly at [email protected] or [email protected]. Yang Yan’s website, http://www.dyjs.net, provides additional information about his work and upcoming exhibitions.