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Reuel-Azriel Modern-Day Renaissance Man



Undoubtedly, 2020 has been the most unfavorable year to millennials, baby boomers, and newborns. Millions woke from their slumber-privileged to enter into a society stifled by the Covid-19 virus. With deadly health scares, and unemployment rates peaking at the brink of an economic collapse, and hysteria running rapid in the solitude of homes across America. Who has time to worry about titles of notoriety? When the development of one’s health takes priority over looks, and instagram likes. But it is still a great time to be alive and make the best out of one’s dilemma. “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”, says George Eliot. What a great time to become the best you? Putting this statement to the test. Reuel-Azriel finds himself encompassing the traits of a Modern-Day Renaissance Man. A  Renaissance man is not just a man of many skills, or a jack of all trades. In retrospect, “Jack of all trades, follows with “master of none”. In as much, A Renaissance man is you, when you are doing your very best. The Renaissance man has a light, an aura, a halo of some sort that glows around him, The Renaissance is suspended in a moment in time when everything just aligns. According to Steven John, “a Renaissance man is a person with genuine competence in and an understanding of multiple different fields, all of which complement one another to make him a more talented and productive person”. 

What sets Reuel-Azriel apart from other men? One is his humble approach to strategic one step moves. One piece on the chess board he uses in life is that of the pawn. He contends, “That a pawn is looked at as the weakest piece on the board; it represents the civilian, the peasant, and the impoverished. Who fights and defends the rest. The pawn inevitably sacrifices. However, if the pawn can make it to the other side, reach the eighth rank, it can become a queen, and she is the most powerful piece on the board able to move vertically and horizontally.  In a nutshell, she can make whatever move she wants. In theory, a player could have nine queens, or 8 knights, etc. winning the game. Reuel-Azirel is an absolute genius and his separation from other men is found in his tireless pursuit to follow his dreams and his interest which will position his businesses to accomplish the Pawn Promotion. The fact of the matter is he tirelessly pursues his own interest so that he can accomplish his goals and leave a life legacy, and that is what a Renaissance man is all about. 

Let’s take a sneak peek:

Skinvious-a Zilevo Health and Beauty company offering women and men of color worldwide the best skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products.

Track Artist Music Group, Inc. is a full service entertainment company which manages the development and execution of an artist’s consumer music downloads, attracts good producers and publishes works that achieve commercial success. 100% Independent, Distributor, Publisher and Label

Château de Zéra engages in the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality industry as a developer. It works within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, and theme parks. Its primary focus is in hotels, restaurants and bars. It operates through the following segments: Chezaray of Beverly Hills, and Marcella West Hollywood. 

Upcoming Book Releases

1325 Ways to Be a Master Instead of a Free Slave The book begins by discussing how to define one’s self in life. To “Know Thyself” is to have a unique confirmation of self and individualism in separation from class, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and age. Which inevitably creates an idealist of an archetype of a maestro. The book helps rebuild self-esteem in a message promoting, and aiming to become a master of one’s humanism.

The Aristocrat: The Wisdom of the Le Fleur The book presents the idea of a black aristocracy who embodied the literacy of wealth, the emulation of sophistication, and achievements as pillars of an emerging new dignified people. The book presents timeless advice on society, riches, and the soul. It helps denounce the perpetual myth that the Afro American, and its black societies, are a group of free slaves with no prestige and behavioral dignity. That this is a Jim Crow way of viewing black excellence in society. Thus, a cultural creature emerges called The Black Elite who identified their tastes, manners, and notable characteristics as members of an elite class of Aristocrats. The Artificial aristocracy as we know it is founded on wealth and birth, instead of virtue and talents and the Afro-American will showcase that in his literary pieces.

Reuel Le Flore is a Renaissance man because he never stops creating and learning; he acquires practical skills; he travels and explores civilizations and the effects of globalization and migration on the impoverished; A Renaissance man stays informed.   

From Music to Fashion to audacious self-help books, coined quotable phrases; Restaurants, and even Health and Beauty products for women and men of color. Reuel has created a name for himself. He is a man to look forward to in 2021.

Check out his last story on his distribution company

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Anthony Ejefoh: Being a Successful Entrepreneur Isn’t Only About Having the Best Ideas



Anthony Ejefoh: Being a Successful Entrepreneur Isn’t Only About Having the Best Ideas

Anthony said that a great many people accept that being an entrepreneur is tied in with having a major thought. Also, it is. To start something new, you need to have an idea that works something individuals need, and in particular — in any event for individuals putting resources into your idea — something versatile. 

Anthony Ejefoh is an Entrepreneur. He thought of new, creative thoughts. That is which isolates him from the remainder of the world. Being deadened will probably leave you with nothing. Anthony consistently kept his mind dynamic and contemplated ground-breaking thoughts. He did exercise that necessary him to consider some fresh possibilities and thought of innovative arrangements. 

Anthony has consistently been a positive entrepreneur with a cheerful attitude. Coming from Lagos, Nigeria, and beginning a business wasn’t easy for him. He has consistently been sensible. As indicated by him negative demeanor will just make unfortunate of things to come; it will not lead you to make a fruitful business. 

You might be eager about your large thought, anyway this inventive energy isn’t in every case enough. To become successful like Anthony Ejefoh you need more than an inventive item; furthermore, need a skilled gathering to control accounts, activities, marketing, and the wide range of various issue. Set aside the effort to upgrade your business IQ and quest for like-minded individuals who can be essential for your gathering and make up for your insufficiencies. 

By paying the same amount important to the business side of things as the creative perspective, you’ll establish the frameworks for a start-up that endures. Anthony Ejefoh took some time and functioned as a specialist. At that point, he established his framework for a start-up and discovered CYPHER PR MEDIA (a media publishing company), and became CEO at 14 years old. 

Anthony said thoughts are loving venturing stones, anyway, they don’t generally make exact structure blocks. In this way, continue pondering and improving, like him. Simply don’t allow yourself to accept that the best way to entrepreneurship incorporates pushing a rock tough. All things being equal, find a stone that is now turning end over end, and bounce on board. 

Most importantly, entrepreneurs are designers and practitioners. They challenge the customary way of thinking and offer arrangements. They can’t bear to explore each component, or they’d never go anyplace. There is a bad situation for delaying in a start-up. It’s an all-day, every day, no-get-away or-days off kind of cycle that needs reliable forward energy. 

Here’s the crude truth: Ideas don’t make a triumph long haul entrepreneur. Neither does raising financial backer capital or selling value. Which isolates entrepreneurial victors from wannabes is the capacity to run businesses. These capacities are what made Anthony Ejefoh a Young and effective Entrepreneur.


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Kenneth Sullivan, Jr Is A Selfless Pastor Using Innovation To Save America’s Youth



Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives. And in the spirit of that definition, Indianapolis based pastor Kenneth Sullivan, Jr. exudes the true essence of success. Kenneth Sullivan, Jr. serves as the Senior Pastor of The New Direction Church of Indianapolis. He’s a devoted husband, loving father, published author, business owner, civic leader, and educator. The New Direction Church happens to be in an area that is considered to be a food desert. There are not a lot of grocery stores within 5 miles in any direction. This leaves a lot of people with few food options, especially those who don’t have adequate transportation. As a result, pastor Kenneth Sullivan, Jr. started a food pantry called “The Masters Table.” Each month the church serves an average of 200 families in the community. In December of 2020, the New Direction Church, with the leadership of Pastor Sullivan, was awarded a $75,000 grant from Lilly’s Endowment to continue their work with the food pantry outreach. Additionally, the church was recognized by one of the local Indianapolis news outlets for their service to the community.

Moreover, Pastor Kenneth Sullivan, Jr. earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Crossroads Bible College. He also holds a Masters Of Arts Degree in Christian Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University. As well, he recently released his second book entitled “Love & Verses,” which teaches people how to build healthy and strong marriages and relationships using proven biblical methods. Additionally, Pastor Sullivan developed a separate 501c3 organization called S.A.V.E.S. This organization is strictly geared towards developing programs, camps, events, and scholarship opportunities that help to reduce violence and crime in the surrounding Indianapolis communities and give the youth and their families alternatives to help them grow, learn, and succeed. As a community leader, Pastor Sullivan serves on several advisory boards and supports initiatives aimed at economic empowerment, community engagement and youth development. With the vast number of challenges and issues that confront society today, his mission is to motivate, re-direct, and lead people in the right direction.

Technology is a very important part of Pastor Sullivan’s ministry. He focuses on social media to reach the masses. In fact, each week the church reaches people from all over the globe, who tune into their broadcast. Social media allows him to reach people, whom he would never be able to reach otherwise. According to the pastor, “each day myself and the church post messages and motivational clips to encourage and uplift folks.” Equally important, the New Direction Church has two campuses. The main campus is located at 5330 East 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46218 and their second campus is located at 7701 East 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46256. The church has a weekly attendance of 750 -800 people. “Our church is unique in that we operate businesses at both of our campuses. At our East campus we operate a barber shop and beauty salon and a daycare called ‘Little Duckling Daycare # 1,’ which serves 120 children. In addition, we operate ‘Little Duckling Daycare # 2,’ which provides childcare for 35 families. Our church employs nearly 60 people including our various sub-contractors for maintenance and lawn care,” raves the selfless pastor. The church operates 7 days a week and it offers a host of ministries that minister to the whole person and entire families. The mission is to lead people to a better life. The vision is to become one of the premier spiritual enlightenment and social economic empowerment centers.


Pastoring During a Pandemic


Check out our featured story here

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Bossy Ira: Inspiring The World Through Music and Business



Throughout his career, a Southern California rapper that goes by his government official name: Ira, A.K.A “Bossy Ira”, has admitted to doing everything independently. “I have spent all of my own personal money to invest in my music career, from studio time to social media marketing, and videos.” Ira believes that this is a major accomplishment because he obtained all of that money from hustling and networking on his own. 

But his jump to the music industry wasn’t something he did solely on his own. He had help in the form of inspiration that came from watching his favorite artist. 

“I decided to start rapping after I was invited by my brother to attend a Nipsey Hussle concert in 2017. I was a huge fan of his and always listened to his music because his message really related to my life as an Independent hustler and entrepreneur. After attending his live concert, I left inspired and decided that I wanted to do the same thing for the world, and that was to: inspire them through music and business,” Ira said. 

Shortly after attending that concert, Ira has been taking his rap career very seriously, and is very determined to make into the upper echelon of the rap game.

Releasing The King

Ira’s first mixtape release is called “The Lion King Tape” and it took him some time to put the project out because, being the independent that he is, he did all by himself. 

“It was a very humbling process because I lost a lot of people and profitable business opportunities along the way. I had to take a break from full-time hustling and making money, to completely rebuild my life around pursuing my music career. I was very happy the moment it was finished,” he said. 

For the upcoming year, Ira is keen to release the second installment of his mixtape series, “The Lion King Tape,” which is set to be out soon. The title to the second installment is  “The Lion King Tape 2” and he will be teaming up again with DJ VIP of “All $ In” records, which was Nipsey Hussle’s record label, to host the mixtape. According to Ira, “DJ VIP did a great job on the first tape, and I am thankful to work with him again.”

“My goals are just to continue to put out great music and content for the fans to enjoy, and to hopefully get some labels to start taking notice of what we are doing. I am willing to stay independent if that is what I am called to do, but if the situation is right,  I will sign with what makes the most sense for both parties involved,” Ira said. 

More Than Just a Rapper 

Even though Ira jumped into rapping, he would still like to emphasize that he is still a businessman and that he is looking to bring some very insightful ideas and innovations to the forefront of his career. 

“Music is just a platform for me to change the world, and I would like to leave a legacy in corporate America, and that is my ultimate goal. I do not want to just be remembered as a rapper, but I inspire to be remembered for my entrepreneurial endeavors as well,” Ira said. 
Listen to Bossy Ira’s music on YouTube or check out his Instagram account.


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