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Reuel-Azriel Modern-Day Renaissance Man



Undoubtedly, 2020 has been the most unfavorable year to millennials, baby boomers, and newborns. Millions woke from their slumber-privileged to enter into a society stifled by the Covid-19 virus. With deadly health scares, and unemployment rates peaking at the brink of an economic collapse, and hysteria running rapid in the solitude of homes across America. Who has time to worry about titles of notoriety? When the development of one’s health takes priority over looks, and instagram likes. But it is still a great time to be alive and make the best out of one’s dilemma. “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”, says George Eliot. What a great time to become the best you? Putting this statement to the test. Reuel-Azriel finds himself encompassing the traits of a Modern-Day Renaissance Man. A  Renaissance man is not just a man of many skills, or a jack of all trades. In retrospect, “Jack of all trades, follows with “master of none”. In as much, A Renaissance man is you, when you are doing your very best. The Renaissance man has a light, an aura, a halo of some sort that glows around him, The Renaissance is suspended in a moment in time when everything just aligns. According to Steven John, “a Renaissance man is a person with genuine competence in and an understanding of multiple different fields, all of which complement one another to make him a more talented and productive person”. 

What sets Reuel-Azriel apart from other men? One is his humble approach to strategic one step moves. One piece on the chess board he uses in life is that of the pawn. He contends, “That a pawn is looked at as the weakest piece on the board; it represents the civilian, the peasant, and the impoverished. Who fights and defends the rest. The pawn inevitably sacrifices. However, if the pawn can make it to the other side, reach the eighth rank, it can become a queen, and she is the most powerful piece on the board able to move vertically and horizontally.  In a nutshell, she can make whatever move she wants. In theory, a player could have nine queens, or 8 knights, etc. winning the game. Reuel-Azirel is an absolute genius and his separation from other men is found in his tireless pursuit to follow his dreams and his interest which will position his businesses to accomplish the Pawn Promotion. The fact of the matter is he tirelessly pursues his own interest so that he can accomplish his goals and leave a life legacy, and that is what a Renaissance man is all about. 

Let’s take a sneak peek:

Skinvious-a Zilevo Health and Beauty company offering women and men of color worldwide the best skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products.

Track Artist Music Group, Inc. is a full service entertainment company which manages the development and execution of an artist’s consumer music downloads, attracts good producers and publishes works that achieve commercial success. 100% Independent, Distributor, Publisher and Label

Château de Zéra engages in the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality industry as a developer. It works within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, and theme parks. Its primary focus is in hotels, restaurants and bars. It operates through the following segments: Chezaray of Beverly Hills, and Marcella West Hollywood. 

Upcoming Book Releases

1325 Ways to Be a Master Instead of a Free Slave The book begins by discussing how to define one’s self in life. To “Know Thyself” is to have a unique confirmation of self and individualism in separation from class, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and age. Which inevitably creates an idealist of an archetype of a maestro. The book helps rebuild self-esteem in a message promoting, and aiming to become a master of one’s humanism.

The Aristocrat: The Wisdom of the Le Fleur The book presents the idea of a black aristocracy who embodied the literacy of wealth, the emulation of sophistication, and achievements as pillars of an emerging new dignified people. The book presents timeless advice on society, riches, and the soul. It helps denounce the perpetual myth that the Afro American, and its black societies, are a group of free slaves with no prestige and behavioral dignity. That this is a Jim Crow way of viewing black excellence in society. Thus, a cultural creature emerges called The Black Elite who identified their tastes, manners, and notable characteristics as members of an elite class of Aristocrats. The Artificial aristocracy as we know it is founded on wealth and birth, instead of virtue and talents and the Afro-American will showcase that in his literary pieces.

Reuel Le Flore is a Renaissance man because he never stops creating and learning; he acquires practical skills; he travels and explores civilizations and the effects of globalization and migration on the impoverished; A Renaissance man stays informed.   

From Music to Fashion to audacious self-help books, coined quotable phrases; Restaurants, and even Health and Beauty products for women and men of color. Reuel has created a name for himself. He is a man to look forward to in 2021.

Check out his last story on his distribution company

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Jeff Lerner, Business Name Generators, and More



There are many business name generators out there, so how do you find the best one? This article will provide some helpful tips and tricks that will help you find the perfect business name. It also takes a look at the teachings of Jeff Lerner reviewed at places like, and teaches you how to check if your business name has already been registered as a domain name, a trade name, or a literary device. Let’s look at some of them. And don’t forget to check if the business name generators are available in your area!

Generate a list of potential business names

If you are looking for a new business name, you may be wondering how to come up with something unique. There are a number of ways to generate ideas for business names, from basic to creative. Reviews say that many of these tools can even give you ideas for specific categories or subcategories. When we read about Lerner at places like California News Times and even over on Quora we see that some of these generators can even offer options for fantasy names, medieval names, and even tarot cards. Once you’ve generated a list of ideas, it’s time to make your choice!

The first step in generating ideas for a business name is to check the availability of the name. When we read Jeff Lerner reviews we see whether it’s available is crucial for a new business, as a trademark can lead to legal troubles. Fortunately, most of these tools will perform automatic searches on your behalf. However, if you’re unsure, you can also use the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to look up potential business names.

A number of creative name generators are available, from Wordoid to BrandBucket. BrandBucket, for example, provides suggestions for hundreds of business names based on your industry. FreshBooks also offers a name generator, in which you can choose an industry and type in relevant keywords. You can also try a business name generator with a short description of your business and see if it is available for registration.

While a business name generator can spark your creativity, further refinement is necessary. After selecting the best business name generator for your niche, consider the names of other local or online businesses in your field. It’s also a good idea to check the availability of other unrelated businesses. By doing so, you’ll find many great ideas for your business name. The more refined your business name, the better chance it has of securing a domain.

Jeff Lerner Reviews say to check if the name is available as a domain name

Before registering your domain name, it’s crucial to check whether the business name already exists. There are a few ways to do this according to reviews of Jeff Lerner, but one of the easiest is to search using the Internet. Start by searching through the state’s fictitious name database and the federal trademark database. Both of these databases are free to access and should provide you with a clear picture of whether your business name is available.

Another way to check if the business name is already registered is to log into INBiz and log in to Online Services. Navigate to the Secretary of State section and click Name Reservations. Type in the desired name and click the “Check availability” button. This will give you a list of available names. You will also be able to see which domains are registered under the name you have chosen.

If you’re not sure if the business name is already registered or trademarked, you can try searching for the name using Google. You should find out whether there’s a similar business name registered in another state. It is important to choose a unique name to avoid confusion. If another company already has the same or similar name, you will not be able to use the domain name in that state.

Another way to check if the business name you want is available as a domain name. This will help you to get the name you want and to avoid being shut out of your chosen domain name. Domain extensions provide credibility to your business, as they give it a professional look. A domain extension is also an additional benefit. By adding the domain extensions to your business name, you can add credibility to your website and increase sales.

Check if the name is available as a trade name

There are a few ways to check if the name you are considering is already in use. The easiest way is to conduct an online search using your favorite search engine. Reading about Lerner shows us that you will want to search for similar names, as well as business entities. If there is a business with the same name, you may have to find another one or find a more unique name. A social media search will also help you find if the name you are considering is already in use.

If you already have an INBiz account, you can use this online tool to check the availability of your business name. Once you login, you should navigate to Online Services and find the section for Name Reservations. Type in your business name and click “Check availability” to see if the name is available. You will have to double-check the name you are considering to use before you submit the form.

Use literary devices

Literary devices are tools that writers use to make their writing stronger and more interesting. They are used to make writing more interesting and memorable. As a writer, you should always seek out ways to improve your writing, including knowing the different literary terms and how to use them strategically. The following are 10 ways that literary devices can help you create a compelling business name. Let’s look at each one of them. This way, your writing will be even more impressive and memorable.

Onomatopoeia. This literary device uses words that describe a specific sound or image. It works best when you want your audience to be able to picture what you’re writing about and include their sense of hearing. This literary device is used in many popular movies, including Disney’s Tangled. Rapunzel, for instance, remembers her real parents when she sees the sun symbol. Foreshadowing is another literary device. It uses clues to what will happen next. It builds suspense and provides context for the storyline.

Another literary device is imagery. Using imagery, such as a butterfly or a seashell, creates an image in the reader’s mind. It appeals to the reader’s senses and evokes a strong connection between the writer and the reader. A good example of an allusion is a superhero. These superheroes can be made into characters that are based on animals, but the idea remains the same.

Another useful literary device is the use of euphemism. This literary device describes a situation or idea in a way that is not directly described. Its use is often used by people who are more educated than others. However, if the euphemism is too general, it can be boring or even undermine the emotional impact of the work. If you want to write a witty business name, use literary devices to create a memorable name for your product or service.

Check for availability

If you are an INBiz account holder, you can use the Name Availability Search to check for availability of business names. Simply log into Online Services, click on Name Reservations, and enter the name you’d like to use. The system will tell you whether the name is available or if someone else has reserved it. If there is a conflicting name, you will see it in the results and be able to choose a different name.

There are several sources for checking for availability of business names. The first place to look is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO. Trademarking a business name grants unlimited protection in all 50 states. However, other businesses may have already trademarked your name. To check if your name is available, visit the USPTO’s website. A few clicks will reveal whether the name is trademarked or not.

You can also check the availability of business names through the Secretary of State’s website. Depending on the state you live in, you can use an online database to find out if a business name is available. Some states even require you to send in a mail-in request. Once your name is verified as available, you can then contact the Secretary of State to confirm that you have permission to use it. This will prevent you from purchasing a name that’s already taken.

Before you start a new business, Jeff Lerner reviews say we should check for the availability of a business name. Changing a name after the company has established a customer base can lead to confusion and, in some cases, a lawsuit. By using a simple online tool to check for availability of business names, you can save yourself the headache of changing your name. There’s no need to spend money on a new logo or website if the name you want is available.

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Joel Yi Explains How to Make Multi Million-dollar Brands in 2022 – Lok’s Principles.



Joel Yi

Our self-confidence is influenced by our experiences, childhood history, DNA, culture, and life situations. The fact is that we have no control over the events of our history. We may, however, adjust our thinking to increase our self-confidence. Finding out more about ourselves and learning from people who have gone before us can help us boost our self-confidence. Let’s meet Joel Yi right now! Joel Yi is a sales consultant that helps companies sell high-ticket items and services by training remote sales teams. Joel uses conversational intelligence, sales tools, and playbooks to assist firms with revenue between $1 million and $10 million to solve the hurdles of establishing a high-performing sales staff. Joel believes that having a solid support system and knowing your emotions are essential for practicing self-confidence.

Failing forward

According to Joel, failing ahead is about using your failures and assessing the risks involved realistically. It’s about your capacity to deal with setbacks, manage your emotions, and try new things. When we fail ahead, we must examine why we failed and recognize that it is all part of achieving. Joel Yi began his career when he was young, took risks, and in a few years, learned more about sales and leadership than most people learn in their whole lifetimes.

Relationship between failure and evolution

Joel feels that failing may help you identify areas where you need to improve. So fail early, fail often, and keep trying. Joel has closed over $4.7 million in deals and produced over $30 million in income for his clients since 2018. He’s overseen sales teams of up to 110 people. Over 8,000 salespeople have been trained and mentored by him. He also established the High-Ticket Closer Coaching Certification Program as a co-instructor. He was also invited to appear before the Board of Advisors as a sales speaker. He also serves on the Dragon 100 Advisory Board as a sales trainer. Before becoming a Commissioned Officer, Joel served in the United States Army as an enlisted soldier.

Aiming high

Joel claims that distractions are everywhere. They have the potential to throw us off track and make it difficult to focus on our goal or purpose. In our diversions, we must be selective, strategic, and helpful. He said that we all influence various areas of our day, so be selective and prioritize things aligned with your objectives. Since then, Joel has taken on several challenges. He’s led a remote team to over $30 million in sales, extensively systematized the sales process for himself and his clients, and done it all while dealing with personal challenges as a young buck with ego. Joel is currently considered one of the world’s leading high-ticket consultants. He builds lethal sales teams, many of whom bring in millions of dollars for their clients. Joel helps organizations optimize their in-house employees, put their sales on autopilot, and generate their first seven or eight-figure revenue by utilizing the business tools they’ve put in place.

Also Read: Why Cody Jefferson Decided To Be A Life And Business Coach

Surviving the grind

He never expected to get this far as an overseas student in the United States. In 2015, shortly after graduating from college, Joel took a bold move that placed him on a different road. He had the option of joining the Army as a Private First Class, which would provide him US citizenship. Joel had two bachelor’s degrees and was a commissioned officer (2nd Lieutenant) in the United States Army Reserve in 2018. Dan Lok’s mentorship program welcomed him after that.

Being in Dan Lok’s team

Joel learned how to market high-ticket things under Lok’s tutelage. After adopting Lok’s method and achieving great results, he became renowned as a new closer. Lok then approached Joel and urged him to join his squad. He was promoted to Assistant Transactions Manager in February 2019 after concluding many agreements. Joel was promoted to Sales Manager in June of that year. By October, he had won the highest-ranking position in the company, Director of Sales, after generating millions of dollars in sales.

Being strategic

Joel founded his firm on the principles of justice and progress. His firm gives high-profit share amounts to all team members from the beginning. It also pays out dividends to all of its clients and investors. Joel recommends all millennials be strategic in their business by recognizing when they can work the best. Joel feels that early mornings and late evenings are the best times for him to write. So that is what he does. He said, “Try different activities and notice when you are least distracted.” You’ll be able to be helpful and giving with your time as a result. Supporting others is inexpensive and promotes our success while improving our health and happiness.

What’s next?

Joel and his team have helped hundreds of salespeople earn six figures by applying these golden principles. You can get in touch with him on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

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Alezo Valentino Opens Up On His New Single




When it comes to describing Alezo Valentino’s latest release, “Cae la Noche”, Alezo Valentino says it best: “It’s a melodic song’ vibe if you will… So now here’s a Reggaeton and pop banger for you to dance and sing and imagine yourself on all your future adventures to…” As promised, the track pulsates with energy that warms the heart and fires the soul. Whether it be the infectious melody, the upbeat tempo or twinkling synthesizers, “Cae La Noche” is the ultimate soundtrack for a roofless road trip — with colourful lyrics that can be sung along to from the top of your lungs. Marking a departure from his signature sombre sounds, “Cae la Noche” still samples the artist’s raw and authentic vocals — evoking feelings from his listeners that they didn’t even realise they had. Speaking on the track, Alezo Valentino explains, “‘Cae la Noche’ forever will be one of my favorite tracks…. This one was such a tricky one for me as I was torn between making it a single or scrapping it altogether. Alezo valentino decided last second to release it and now the song is sitting on over 100.000 views on YouTube and counting. A lot of famous musicians has given the song great feedback.

Alezo Valentino keeps the vibes flowing with a cocktail of Raggaeton, R&B, Pop in his brand newsingle, “Cae La Noche”. Alezo Valentino delivers an effort that is rich in soul, witty in lyricism and captivating in delivery. Speaking of the single, Alezo valentino explains, “I spent the past year exploring different sounds and honing my craft – this project is an account of that artistic journey, as well as my personal journey going through the different emotions of love, relationships, and romance. ‘Cae la Noche’ is a transition from where I was musically, to where I am now, and where I’m headed. It’s me thinking about where I’m coming from, acknowledging my growth, and getting closer to my goals”.

Single: Alezo Valentino – Cae la Noche

Instagram: Alezovalentino

To stream “Cae La Noche” now, head below…

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