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Reuel-Azriel Modern-Day Renaissance Man



Undoubtedly, 2020 has been the most unfavorable year to millennials, baby boomers, and newborns. Millions woke from their slumber-privileged to enter into a society stifled by the Covid-19 virus. With deadly health scares, and unemployment rates peaking at the brink of an economic collapse, and hysteria running rapid in the solitude of homes across America. Who has time to worry about titles of notoriety? When the development of one’s health takes priority over looks, and instagram likes. But it is still a great time to be alive and make the best out of one’s dilemma. “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”, says George Eliot. What a great time to become the best you? Putting this statement to the test. Reuel-Azriel finds himself encompassing the traits of a Modern-Day Renaissance Man. A  Renaissance man is not just a man of many skills, or a jack of all trades. In retrospect, “Jack of all trades, follows with “master of none”. In as much, A Renaissance man is you, when you are doing your very best. The Renaissance man has a light, an aura, a halo of some sort that glows around him, The Renaissance is suspended in a moment in time when everything just aligns. According to Steven John, “a Renaissance man is a person with genuine competence in and an understanding of multiple different fields, all of which complement one another to make him a more talented and productive person”. 

What sets Reuel-Azriel apart from other men? One is his humble approach to strategic one step moves. One piece on the chess board he uses in life is that of the pawn. He contends, “That a pawn is looked at as the weakest piece on the board; it represents the civilian, the peasant, and the impoverished. Who fights and defends the rest. The pawn inevitably sacrifices. However, if the pawn can make it to the other side, reach the eighth rank, it can become a queen, and she is the most powerful piece on the board able to move vertically and horizontally.  In a nutshell, she can make whatever move she wants. In theory, a player could have nine queens, or 8 knights, etc. winning the game. Reuel-Azirel is an absolute genius and his separation from other men is found in his tireless pursuit to follow his dreams and his interest which will position his businesses to accomplish the Pawn Promotion. The fact of the matter is he tirelessly pursues his own interest so that he can accomplish his goals and leave a life legacy, and that is what a Renaissance man is all about. 

Let’s take a sneak peek:

Skinvious-a Zilevo Health and Beauty company offering women and men of color worldwide the best skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products.

Track Artist Music Group, Inc. is a full service entertainment company which manages the development and execution of an artist’s consumer music downloads, attracts good producers and publishes works that achieve commercial success. 100% Independent, Distributor, Publisher and Label

Château de Zéra engages in the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality industry as a developer. It works within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, and theme parks. Its primary focus is in hotels, restaurants and bars. It operates through the following segments: Chezaray of Beverly Hills, and Marcella West Hollywood. 

Upcoming Book Releases

1325 Ways to Be a Master Instead of a Free Slave The book begins by discussing how to define one’s self in life. To “Know Thyself” is to have a unique confirmation of self and individualism in separation from class, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and age. Which inevitably creates an idealist of an archetype of a maestro. The book helps rebuild self-esteem in a message promoting, and aiming to become a master of one’s humanism.

The Aristocrat: The Wisdom of the Le Fleur The book presents the idea of a black aristocracy who embodied the literacy of wealth, the emulation of sophistication, and achievements as pillars of an emerging new dignified people. The book presents timeless advice on society, riches, and the soul. It helps denounce the perpetual myth that the Afro American, and its black societies, are a group of free slaves with no prestige and behavioral dignity. That this is a Jim Crow way of viewing black excellence in society. Thus, a cultural creature emerges called The Black Elite who identified their tastes, manners, and notable characteristics as members of an elite class of Aristocrats. The Artificial aristocracy as we know it is founded on wealth and birth, instead of virtue and talents and the Afro-American will showcase that in his literary pieces.

Reuel Le Flore is a Renaissance man because he never stops creating and learning; he acquires practical skills; he travels and explores civilizations and the effects of globalization and migration on the impoverished; A Renaissance man stays informed.   

From Music to Fashion to audacious self-help books, coined quotable phrases; Restaurants, and even Health and Beauty products for women and men of color. Reuel has created a name for himself. He is a man to look forward to in 2021.

Check out his last story on his distribution company

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How Nuriia Kamieva Leveraged The Online Space To Achieve A Work-Life Balance



The internet has become a large platform for people to conduct all manners of business. Many have realized that there are little to no limitations to what can be achieved online. 

Nuriia Kamieva, an influencer, mother, and entrepreneur from Kyrgyzstan, discovered the potential of the internet’s platform as her work led her back to the online space because it helped her achieve great lengths in her career. 

Presently, Nuriia has amassed around 4.5 million followers on her Instagram account who has helped in the exponential growth as an influencer and entrepreneur. 

Growing Other People’s Pages 

Nuriia started by establishing her company that deals with the brokerage in the commercial real estate industry. But since she saw the potential of the internet, she decided to invest her time into it by starting a business that revolves around it. 

She decided to find a balance between work and life that got her down the path that many modern entrepreneurs have taken part in. 

“Motherhood with work is not too destined, but combined with an online business. I understand how people are drawn into being busy, but the children’s time cannot be compensated,” she said. 

Eventually, she started studying social media marketing and promotion. Nuriia became a successful business marketing who started promoting her pages as well as others’. 

“I work for the international market and my experience is connected not only with marketing promotion but also with new business models,” she said. 

Because of her expertise and status on social media, thousands of people have worked with her and continue to do so. 

Overcoming Online Challenges 

Like most things in life, the internet also poses numerous risks to its users. Nuriia wasn’t exempted from these as she experienced this firsthand. 

She believes that this is part of the complexity of her business. There are a lot of scammers and untrustworthy people on Instagram. At first, it’s hard to tell them apart. But as Nuriia continued developing her online business, she became stronger and learned new methods of identifying unscrupulous clients and minimizing funds. 

For Nuriia, her business revolves around simplicity, clarity, goal achievement, and, of course, trust.

Aside from working in social media marketing, Nuriia has also made a career unknowingly as an influencer who inspires others through her parenting and business-mindedness. 

With all the positive feedback from her followers, Nuriia is thankful for going down a path that has given her a chance to experience almost everything, which helped her achieve her goals while inspiring others. 

Get to know more about Nuriia Kamieva through her Instagram page

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Metal Credit Cards Are For The Elite. Here’s How You Get Your Own



A metal credit card can feel exclusive. You may already have a plastic card that feels just as good in your pocket. Why should you upgrade? The answer is that having a metal credit card signifies power, wealth, and success. It tells the world that you are an elite individual who is not afraid to show off your success! But how do you get one? Keep reading for our step-by-step guide.

Want to know what metal credit cards are for? Aside from the perks such as discounts, the metal credit card is a symbol that offers much more. Black cards or metal credit cards are most often associated with high wealth, and therefore, they are exclusive and hard to get. Those that have one of these metal credit cards is typically looked up to, where most wonder what they do and how they got to where they are today. A simple .8mm stainless steel object has the power to actually change the way people see and treat you, and even boost the way you feel about yourself. This is how Card Ego got their name.

Card Ego offers customizable metal credit cards available to all, eliminating the tips and tricks to get accepted while still providing an exclusive group for the elite. Whether you are wanting to get one for your business or for personal use, Card Ego offers a variety of designs and also the option to upload your own design such as a logo. The cards come in black, gold, and rose gold and are composed of .8mm thick stainless steel.

The process is simple, safe, and secure! Upon purchase, you will be emailed a prepaid label to mail in your card. Note that you can freeze your card at this point to ensure an extra layer of security. Once your card is received, they transfer your information onto your new luxury custom card and send it back out. The whole process can take as quickly as just two days and then you’re ready to impress.

Getting a custom metal credit card has just become much easier thanks to Card Ego. These cards are still reserved for the elite in the sense of exclusivity but are readily available for all. If you’re ready to stand out, show your worth, and boost your ego, customize your very own metal credit card today and say goodbye to your basic plastic cards.

Contact Details:

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How Rex Afrasiabi’s Purpose In Life Led Him Down The Right Career Path



“What do you want to be or do when you grow up?” This is a common question that people ask the youth. Most kids answer specific careers such as doctors, entrepreneurs, chefs, etc., but some look at the bigger picture and want to create a bigger impact on the world. 

From an early age, Rex Afrasiabi already knew his purpose in life which is to help people while continuously learning and growing from everything around him. 

As the principal and the founder of M A Legal, which helps its clients in their business and personal lives through their various legal services as well as consultations, Rex is more than able to fulfill his purpose in life.

Changing Lanes 

Before Rex started his firm, he had another job as a general manager for an international fashion company. He found the role to be challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable. Yet it wasn’t what he was looking for. 

According to Rex, the position didn’t complement his purpose, cause, and beliefs which are what drives him to get up and work each day. 

“Pursuing my ‘why’ led me to start my law firm over a decade ago. The practice of law for me is perfect to satisfy my ‘why.’ I am entrusted by my clients each day and I help them in business and life,” he shared. 

Rex opted to start M A Legal, his own brand because, in modern-day social media, he knows that personal branding is more important than ever. 

“Not only does it help differentiate me from my competition but it also helps highlight myself to the world and highlights my unique skills, life, and experiences, and above all it provides social proof,” he said. 

Inspired By Life Experiences 

“I believe there is no greater inspiration than our life journey and what we have been through, and learnt along the way, and often the difficult times are when we learn the most” Rex said. 

Rex grew up in a war-torn country with regular bombings occurred at night. He later migrated to Australia even though he didn’t know how to speak English.

Yet despite all these challenges, Rex knew he had a purpose in life and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him from doing what he’s meant to do. 

“Focus on your passion, learn and become the best at what you are. Do the right thing and never compromise your morals or reputation. By being one of the best and credible in your chosen field, profits will follow,” he said.

Check out Rex Afrasiabi’s Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook account, or drop by for more information.

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