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Rhythm sets out to conquer his dreams with debut album “Beauty in The Struggle”



Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, the young kid, Freddie Moreno who found an interest in music at 12 is now an artist himself at age 26. He’s known to the hip-hop community and fans as Rhythm, for he’s able to rap and sing, whether on or off beat and make art with his voice and impeccable lyrical abilities. From his discovery for his passion for writing rhymes in his childhood years, he has been manifesting his skills with time and practice. But when he suffered the devasting loss of his father at the age of 14, his music transcended. Rhythm found himself using music as an outlet, pouring his grief into deeper writing. The end result was the birth of a higher level of songwriting and freestyling.

After battling the pain of losing his father, he went on to graduate high school and enrolled in St. Phillips College where he pursued a career in Welding. He was making his path toward a better furthering his education and spending time enjoying his love for hooping. But as time progressed, Rhythm couldn’t shake the fire for music burning within him, and in 2017 he lifted the lid and let the flames blaze. It was then that he made the decision to go wholeheartedly towards his dream of becoming a music artist. Safe to say upon hearing his sound and style, that he made the right choice, and that hip hop will embrace him with open arms.

With continued practice and dedication to his craft, Rhythm has developed a defined and even greater cadence in the booth. His music is expressive in nature, taking form from his feelings that lie deep within him. When the beat plays and his mind connect to the vibe, Rhythm channels his experiences and emotions like musical therapy that resonates with fans and music lovers. Music is his place to let it all out, to vent, and in turn create masterpieces that the world can listen to and know his story and hopefully inspire theirs as well.

Rhythm has grown sonically and has done so at a pace beyond many artists. This can be granted to his level of focus and perseverance to attain his dreams and to the support system that is his driving force. Rhythm has always showed great admiration and love for the influence that his mom and stepdad has had on his life and career. Both are of strong mind and will, but while stubborn, play a vital role in who Rhythm has become and the inspiration that continues to push him higher in the music industry. All someone ever really needs is someone to believe in them, and Rhythm has two by his side.

Taking his career in strides, Rhythm released his first single “On My Way” in 2019, which created the buzz for the release of his debut album “Beauty in The Struggle” in 2020. Rhythm poured his all into the selections of the album. The 14-track project is like a fresh experience that takes the audience on his journey through pain and hardships to the light. It has something for everyone to listen and vibe to, from sadness, and love, all the way to enlightenment and deliverance. Rhythm makes use of his ability to flow effortlessly, finding the right fit for each track that brings his rhymes to reality. “Beauty in The Struggle” is a work of greatness from an artist that is destined to be great. If this project is anything like what lies ahead for Rhythm, then his future is all but certain to know success. The lyrics, the wordplay, the melodies, the production; his debut full length project has set the bar high for the path ahead of him.

Rhythm has taken all that life has thrown his way and used it as motivation to become his higher self. Support his musical career and stream his catalog and debut album “Beauty in The Struggle.” It will be sure to inspire the potential within you and make you an instant fan of the San Antonio artist.

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“Edurk Black Pablo”: Taking over the music industry with indie label “Awol GCode Promotions”



Edurk Black Pablo official picture in hd

“Awol GCode Promotions” has become one of the rising indie record labels in the music industry.

Over two decades, “Edurk Black Pablo” has paved the way for several indie rappers in the music industry. As the co- founder of Awol GCode Promotions, and original member of the rap group The Dayton Family, the Flint, Michigan born rapper’s musical journey began when he was just ten years old. “Michael Jackson inspired me to pursue music, and many others like Eric Breed, Run D.M.C., Kool G Rap, Awesome Dre, Bootleg, Gangsta Nip, Scarface & Tupac played a crucial role in encouraging me to become a rapper.”

In 1996, The Dayton Family signed a major record deal with Relativity Records. The group then dropped their debut album “FBI” in October of the same year. The album succeeded and peaked to #45 on the Billboard 200 Charts. It was the beginning of their journey to “street success”.  The Dayton Family then earned two Gold Albums, by being  on albums from Master P’s (Down South Hustler) and 36 Mafia’s (Chapter II World Domination).

 While on the road to stardom, Edurk had to serve time in prison, lost his parents a week apart from each other,  and lost his brother years later.  Edurk remembers how hard it was being in the music industry as an independent artist. He says there were times in Chicago when he and the group had been scammed by a “janky concert promoter” and also when group members “Bootleg, and Ghetto E” got kidnapped and attacked on 79th and Halsted. Edurk says” it was one of my worst memories he ever had growing up”. He also shares about how he almost “gave up on life, but decided to move on, because God has a plan”.

Since bouncing back and overcoming the trials, and tribulations of life Edurk has managed to achieve tremendous success along the way. One of his notable memories during his music journey was going on a 50 state tour with the “Insane Clown Posse”.

Currently, Edurk has released the hot new single and music video for “Tear Me Down”, that features  R & B singer T. Rell, and down south rapper Ziggy Zig-Zag.  He also has songs currently on radio air waves (ranked as high as #60 on The Top 150 Independent charts and #161 on The Top 200 Global charts) and music videos trending on video channels worldwide.

Edurk and Awol CGode Promotions are currently on an 8 city tour with Gucci Mane’s new artist “Enchanting” that started May 7th and ends in late June.

Edurk’s new single will drop July 1st, and will be produced by platinum producer “”Faided Beatz”  and he and The Dayton Family will be filming their self-proclaimed street documentary titled, “Dope Dayton Ave” this Summer/Fall (produced by “Flint City Media”).

Check out “Edurk Black Pablo and Awol GCode Promotions” on YouTube channel,

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Jake DeMichele is a LoFi Mastermind



Earlier this year, American-bred musician Jake DeMichele announced a debut album on the way for 2022, but gave scant details about the project, leaving listeners to speculate about just what the ambient breakout artist had in store.

Fans need no longer worry, as DeMichele’s first studio album, Floating, has arrived in grand fashion.

In the hands of a lesser artist, the formal rigidity of Floating would likely become tiresome, but every one of the album’s five tracks is a testament to DeMichele’s breathtaking compositional skills. The producer builds much of the record around a theme of repetition; melodies and rhythms start off simply, and DeMichele adds layer upon layer of complexity as they progress. The album as a whole is itself a repetition of structures and forms of arrangement that shift from track to track. But, like all great songwriters, DeMichele knows how to surprise the listener — and the surprises on Floating are some of the producer’s best yet.

Take the opener, “Cloud Cover.” The song begins with sweeping, sweet syth arps the drift over a rolling drum beat as the space around them fills with harmonic textures. But as soon as this pattern is on the verge of becoming predictable, DeMichele switches gears to a lyrical, brassy melody and kinetic bassline. He then brings the song full circle by combining the two ideas into a glimmering, crystalline climax.

The songs on Floating are like expertly crafted puzzle pieces that interlock and fold into each other to form one complex, complete unit. The album as a whole fits in this analogy as well. Just as each song is a collection of parts that fold into a whole, so to is the album made of individual songs that add up to make something greater than the sum of its parts. The way the energy flows from track to track is hypnotic, and the album moves form uplifting, soaring choruses to mysterious and sombre bridges with confidence and ease. There’s a refreshing amount of dynamic variation throughout, and the melodic and harmonic movements of Floating come across like narrative.

All in all, it’s hard to say what the best thing about Floating is. Maybe it’s the funky flutes and steady shuffle of the title track, or maybe it’s the cascading keys that open up “Crisp Air.” It might be the deliciously crisp guitar tone of “Night Walk” and “Rainy Drive,” but it could also be the intertwining counterpoint of the album’s closer, “Sundown.” The sound design is beautiful, the arrangements are subtle and nuanced, and the overall effect is triumphant, even bordering on transcendent.

Suffice it to say that Floating sounds like the soundtrack to a science fiction film that we wish we could see, and DeMichele has produced one of the most entertaining albums of the year.

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On The Verge Artist

MSB Boog: Aiming To Become Successful In The Music Industry



Independent artist out of Pensacola fl Who has been rapping, seems like all his life,”in his words” but now finally to a point of taking it serious . He was inspired to get serious as an artist by his big brother, who tried to make a mark in the music industry but felt as if he fell short do to a 10 year sentence in the penitentiary.  So now he’s the steam behind his younger brother MSB Boog, who have vowed to take the touch to the finish line for his brother, family and his peers from his neighborhood. 

MSB had been inbreeded in Boog from the start well before he decided to be a full time rapper. The acronym oringinally stood for “Mallory Street Bosses” but to clean up his image and the background that stands behind the oringinal meaning of “MSB”, Boog associate his mean of “MSB”, for his music to “Money Stakkin Bozz”. in which outlines the main goal of his independent record label Money Stakkin Bozz Ent”. MSB Boog over all goal is to touch souls with music and make a way for his people to see a new light other than the norm. MSB boog recently release an EP titled Life In The Trenchez on all platforms telling his life story!

MSB Boog has currently released new single “Run It Up”, what some would call a trap anthem. Wanting to continue to change his life Boog took music seriously and to the next level, creating momentum and a career from doing what he loves. The latest single gives an ode to a lifestyle MSB Boog left behind for music, displaying its possible to come from the bottom and rise to the top!

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