Get familiar with a multitalented and very ambitious woman. Rina B., 22 years of age with a love for fashion and music. She has been working extra hard on so many projects. She is an up and coming artist from the DMV (D.C, Maryland and Virginia) area, born and raised there. She has some really dope music and major accomplishments to really be proud of. Aside from being a great artist she is also a lash artist, entrepreneur, founder of The Elevated Experience (a platform she has created), and a writer. 

Rina B. is all about creating, giving back and elevating; which is the message behind her platform. She wants to empower others while creating and giving back. She is hoping to reach as many people and connect. One of her recent songs titled “Choosy” is becoming very popular among new listeners. This song was inspired by a relationship. No matter the issues the two always go through, they always come back to one another. This is her first ever single release and the first song from her album which is dropping soon. 

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