Rising artist Rawinked Born in Cleveland, Ohio known for his catchy hooks and dope lyrics has Been putting out albums independently and is on the Rise after a near death experience with a overdose on laced Marijuana in 2018. Raw came back fierce dropping back to back visuals speaking on all the Historical events in 2020 with Covid ,Stimulus Checks and losing George Floyd as well as two Major Rap Artists Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke.

How did this track come about?

“The track was released Sept 1, 2020 and the visual dropped Oct 2021 

What are some things you made sure to include in the music visual?

 “I made sure to add walking in a lane to significantly mean its a race and Marathon patience is key to success”

What are some things that sets your style different from other artists?

“One thing that sets me different is I’m completely independent and I own all my material.”

When you were making this track what was the target audience you had in mind?

“To target my Story and Artist I listen to like Nipsey Hussle.”

What are some things you have coming up here in the near future?

“Currently working on my 7th album I’m Raw 7 be on the lookout for that coming real soon. ”

Be on the lookout for more from Rawinked as he pushes through the rest of the year dropping content. Be sure to check out his music & social media all linked below!


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