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Rising Artist “Vincent” Is Pushing For His Spot In The Industry



Upcoming Artist “Vincent” has been making a lot of noise as of late with his catchy melodies & unique style. We got the chance to connect with him & ask him a few questions about his come up so far.

Tell us about yourself, how was life growing up?

“I am from Nashville, TN born and raised. I am 20 years of age; I grew up in a single parent household and played football to provide a route to get a better education and create new opportunities for myself. I am currently an unsigned independent artist. I have been creating music since the age of seven. At the age of seventeen I realized music was what I fully wanted to pursue, that is when I began to create music properly. By this time, I had landed four division-one scholarships to play football. Music connected to my soul in ways I still cannot fully explain today, I knew I wanted to leave a legacy that could be heard and felt for lifetimes. From then, I continued to pursue my music career while still
attending a collegiate university majoring in radiological science. My first debut single was “First Day Out” after I was arrested and accused of felony vandalism during the George Floyd protest in 2020. This brought awareness to the challenges minorities have and had to overcome over the years. Creating this
piece of music was an inspiring, yet traumatizing, eye opener that I wanted to share with the world. The adversity that I faced at an early age gave me the mindset to overcome several different obstacles I have faced over the years. Staying true and believing in my own character has always guided the way for
me and will continue to do so”.

When did you realize music was what you fully wanted to pursue?

“I realized this when I knew I wanted to leave a legacy and create a path bigger than just a ball. I wanted to use my god given talents and abilities to leave a legacy that could be heard and felt across the world forever. Music has always been therapeutic to me even before I started creating, but the healing and
development that I got from creating my own music was something I could not step away from. Most importantly I wanted to connect with people through my own life experiences. As an artist, I feel like that is our sole purpose is to connect with our inner self and share that in a creative way which is music. You never know whose life you can touch and change through the music we create as artist”.

How would you describe your sound?

“The ways I could describe my music would be authentic, soulful, uplifting, and melodic”.

Who are 3 artists in the industry you would like to work with & why?

“I honestly am not focused on landing new features. I am fully committed in building my own artistry and sound. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy working with other artist, but the connection must be genuine and mutual”.

What are some things you would like to get accomplished before the year is over? Also do you have any up projects you are working on?

“I would like to remain consistent and continue my progression in dropping more music and building the foundation brick by brick. I just dropped a big new single called “Elevate “In September of 2021 a record that was anticipated by many of my supporters. I have been working to build an even larger catalog over the past year with my producer and engineer of three years, Steven Dady who recently signed to Universal Music Group. Although building my catalog is important, so is networking. I
plan to make more connections to expand my brand and artistry before the year ends. I also plan to release two more singles before the year is over. Currently, I am working on a movie placement with Warner Brothers with my producer Steven. Being the person I am, I do not get distracted by what the next move is, if I am consistent and giving the glory to the most high, all will be well. Moving forward, I plan to grow into the best version of myself and continue to put positive energy into the universe”.

The future is looking bright for “Vincent” he is determined & focused on leveling his career everyday & that is what it takes to get to the next level. If you are interested in keeping up with ‘Vincent” or checking his music out please click the links listed below.

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