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Rising Memphis Artist “TooTurnt Jmxney” Is A Name To Watch For



Upcoming Memphis, TN artist TooTurnt Jmxney has been pushing his line harder than ever here in 2022. Born & raised in Memphis, TN growing up in that environment taught him a lot in life at a very young age. Jmxney overcame so many obstacles & hardships growing upgrading up as a kid, but one thing he made sure to do was always keep God first with everything he does. Once Jmxney graduated high school it was time to fully focus on his music career. When you hear a TooTurnt Jmxney song just expect to be too turnt as he’s known for his crazy production with catchy lyrics. We got to connect with Jmxney & ask him a few questions about his come up so far!

What made you fully get into music?

“To be honest I never thought I’d be a rapper or doing anything music related. I
always listened to different genres of music growing up, but I didn’t take interest
in music forreal until after high school. I had some friends that I used to chill with
and they would listen to beats and just freestyle. One day they told me to give
it a try and we agreed I should give this a try. It wasn’t until I actually hit the studio
and dropped my first song. I did a remix to MoneyBagg Yo “28 bars”, dropped it
on soundcloud and people told me to keep going. I have been TooTurnt ever since.”

Describe how it is coming up as a music artist in Memphis?

“It’s fun being an artist from Memphis. I’ve built so many genuine connections with
different artists, producers, videographers, etc. Memphis has made so much noise
in the industry which is beneficial for all upcoming artists in the city. Being an
artist from Memphis is different. People show me love when they find out where
I’m from and that I do music on top of it. With so many here in the city now it
becomes easy for people to sound the same as well as stand out.”

In 3 words how would you describe your sound musically & why?

“Turnt, Energetic, and Special. I chose those three words because of the feedback I
get from people when they hear my music. Everyday you hear people say this
rapper sounds like this rapper, so I chose to take a different approach and really
stand out. My music is something that can always turn you up and keep you with
good energy and help you get through your day. If you play a TooTurnt song I can
guarantee you’ll be turnt all day no cap.”

Who are 3 major producers you would like to work with in the future & explain what made you choose those specific producers!

“I look forward to working with Tay Keith, Hitkidd, and Band Play. These 3 are all
legends in Memphis and I love the uniqueness of their work. Each producer has their
own style and flavor. Their beats are on a whole new level and stand out to me. Im picky
when it comes to my beats and these 3 are certified turnt in my opinion. I’m always
looking to elevate my style and sound. If the beat is hard enough it’ll literally force words
outta me that’s just what beats do to me when they hit hard enough. I feel like these 3
could really help me take my sound to the next level.”

How has Memphis’s recent success in the music industry motivated you to keep going?

“Memphis has such a huge impact on the industry as well as the world to the point
where it’s starting to open so many doors for other artists. I’ve watched a lot of
artists and producers take their career to the next level. Memphis has the industry
on lock. Each artist’s success only motivates me to create my own legacy. Every
time a rapper builds a buzz he or she takes off because all it takes is one song to
change your life.”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future?

“I have a lot in store for all TooTurnt Jmxney fans. Be on the lookout for more
singles, music videos, articles, interviews etc. I also have been collabing with
other artists and producers in and out of Memphis. New single “City Boys Back
Outside” out now all platforms as well as the music video.”

If your interested in staying tapped in with TooTurnt Jmxney be sure to check out his music/social media links linked below!

TOOTURNT JXMNEY- City Boys Back Outside (Prod By TGLOCK)

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