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Rising Michigan Artist Banko Bazz Is A Must Hear



Saginaw, Michigan artist Shabazz mostly known as “Banko Bazz” is on the rise as he continues to push his music all over the U.S. Banko spent his first 10 years of his life in Saginaw before he moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he began making music at the age of 15. 10 years later Banko finds himself in Nashville, TN pushing to further his audience & career. Banko with his unique sound is looking to break into the industry this year as he plans some big things for the future. We connected with Banko to ask him a few questions.

What made you start making music?

 “Honestly my brother 96Prophet another musician whom I’m not related to, but we defintely locked for life started influencing me to get into the music. At 16 when my pops passed I kinda had alot to say, and couldn’t project it without anger or emotion so I chose poetry to vent seem more logical for me I guess , but Brodie got me hip to the whole being a rapper ideal after hearing me freestyle a few times . I am definitely grateful for that to this day.”

What made you move to Tennessee rather than stay in Michigan to push your career?

” In all honesty I prefer not to disclose that, but long story short Michigan is just not it for me but it’s home feel me ? Im going to always rep the home team & come see friends and loved ones, but I had practically performed in every hole in the wall there & I seen a bigger opportunity for me south not just musically but financially as well. Originally I was planning on going to Texas & I was slightly convinced by a few homies in the Tenn to come here . I said f*ck it and came , but I adapt very well, so I just kind of just took a risk , or a leap of a faith to come here and try to build myself in a unknown state . I’ve personally never visited or been here until recently now maybe passed through and I’ve heard stories about it, but to actual experience it I see there’s potiental here to gain the notoriety. Nashville is growing gradually like my city, but it’s bigger on the music scene”.

Describe Your Sound

“Charismatic, witty, and Factual. I’m charming ,cunning and I use double entendres a lot in my lyrics so it can fly over your head if you don’t understand or get the subjects I speak on . I speak about my life and my the environment around me. Anything I experienced I bout spoke on it in a song”.

Who are 3 major artists you would like to collab with in the future?

“I mean I ain’t too geeked or thrilled to do features with anyone honestly, but I can see me doing something with Babyface Ray, BandGang Lonnie , Or even Big Sean since I have been compared to him my whole life.”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future?

“Videos, More Videos, Songs and Videos most definetely lol.”

Stay tuned in with Banko Bazz as he has a lot of big things coming here soon. Be sure to check out his music & follow his Instagram to keep up with him all linked below.

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