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Rising Weekly: Irregular Individuals Release New Track “Mon$tar”



Today we sit down with rising artists “Irregular Individuals”, to discuss their latest single “Mon$tar” which has been gaining major attention recently…

We also want to discuss in-depth, what drives the passion behind the music and the meaning behind the track. Let’s talk about it…

1.) Q: What’s The Inspiration Behind The Track?

A.) The Homeless Child (T.H.C): “honestly, just being hungry and wanting to make some hard shit”

74Dami$n: “I Just wanted to make a track to release around Halloween time, and always loved space jam, so decided to call it monstar instead of monster.”

2.) Who Produced The Song?

A.) The Homeless Child (T.H.C): “CG the G.O.A.T”.

74Dami$n: “My dude CG @producercg “.

3.) Q: What’s your most memorable moment this year, so far?

A.): The Homeless Child (T.H.C): “My daughter talking and turning from a baby/toddler into a human. Making music and really putting it out there as well”.

74Dami$n: “Well the years almost over, and a lot has happened, but I’d have to say the most life changing thing that happened to me was coming home and finding a stranded kitten in my backyard. I spent two days trying to catch him, and when I finally did he was the coolest cat ever.”

4.) Q: Any upcoming projects? That you can speak on…

A.) The Homeless Child (T.H.C): “I got some solo ish on the way…also some more tracks with 74Dami$n. I have an upcoming collab EP titled “Bagman and Goblin” as well”.

74Dami$n: Yes. I’m on another song called, “Dividends,” that’ll come out towards the end of the month.

5.) Q: At the end of the day, all artists have something that drives them..what’s your daily motivation?

A.) The Homeless Child (T.H.C): “I’m very competitive and passionate, just wanting to be the best I can be; Making the best music/sounds I possibly can. Music and rapping Is truly what I love though”.

74Dami$n: “My motivation is love for my wife and striving towards a prosperous future. As well as always trying to better myself daily”.

Thank you both again for answering these questions for us and the fans, we wish nothing but success in all your upcoming ventures. Stream the latest track now

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