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One of Torontos Best Pharmacist: Ritu Arora



Being successful within the health care industry is incredibly difficult. It takes time and countless hours of work and dedication to even be able to enter this field. While striving for the most success, learning new lessons and valuable information are the key to adapting in the ever changing medical world. This is the case for most health care professionals, including pharmacists.

This is one thing that successful pharmacist, Ritu Arora, keeps in mind as she continues to excel in her line of work as a primary care provider and uses her specialized knowledge to help her patients receive the maximum benefit.

“There is never a day where I don’t learn something new, everyday is a new journey with surprises and although it can be very difficult to get here, it is worth every second when we see the thousands of patients whose lives we touch” she said.

Pharmacists & health care workers like Ritu Arora are debatably the most important part of our society. Especially with the recent global pandemic that has taken over, they are absolutely crucial in this time of need. One essential set of individuals within this category are pharmacists. Now why are they so important you may ask. Because not only do they fill our prescriptions and provide life-saving medicine that is needed, but also counsel millions of patients daily. However not everyone is able to maintain a high volume of patients, including all the problems that inevitably accompany them. Ritu has expertly been able to deal with anything that is thrown her way, and she has done an amazing job adapting to these tough situations. 

When dealing with some difficult cases, Ritu says some of the most important characteristics to have are being “patient and understanding. You never know what someone is going through and a kind smile and compassionate conversation can make someone’s day. I got into this field because of my love for helping people and I continue to do that everyday”.  

Along with years of experience, Ritu Arora is also a certified Diabetic Care And Education Specialist. She helps spread awareness for the disease and also encourages her patients and all those around her to eat healthy, stay fit and exercise daily. She has a passion for what she does and will continue helping her patients. She is truly a role model for a huge number of people and continues to make our world a better place every day. 

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