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Ro Got It, an Emerging American rapper and songwriter



Born January 22, 1991, artist Ro Got It is an American rapper and songwriter born and raised in Greenville South Carolina. Ro began writing his own music at the age of 15 with his childhood friends in the neighborhood growing up. Ro Got It is on a rise to fame as his single “Exposing Me” from his mixtape “The Life I Chose” released in 2021 is becoming very popular with sky-rocketing views and streams online. Music has always been a passion for Ro, he says that he is “Now more focused than ever” on his career in the music industry.

Ro Got It’s “Exposing Me” has been in constant rotation in clubs since its release, and now the 2021 release has landed him on tour and more! The single is a street classic, giving listeners a first look into a day in the life of his home town block. Shot in a mono tone feature, the video brings to life the gritty rawness of being on the streets.

Ro Got It is an American rapper and songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina who has been making waves in the hip hop industry. He is one of the fastest rising rappers in the South, with a unique sound and style that are setting him apart from the rest.

Ro Got It, born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, is a self-described “lyricist and emcee” who is quickly making a name for himself in the rap game. His music is heavily influenced by the hip hop, trap and R&B styles that dominate the south, as well as his own unique take on the genre. Ro Got It’s music is filled with witty, hard-hitting lyrics that address everything from the struggles of growing up in the south to the joys of success. He has a knack for storytelling, often drawing on his own personal experience to create vivid, powerful songs that connect with the listener.

The success of Ro’s music has been largely attributed to his honest and heartfelt lyrics. His music touches on a multitude of topics, ranging from his personal experiences to societal issues. He has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of his environment, which is something that many fans connect with.

He is known for his powerful, yet melodic flow, as well as his engaging storytelling. His lyrics bring to light the struggles of growing up in a rural city and being part of the lower class. He paints a lyrical picture of his life before rap, as well as his journey to make it in the music industry. His sound has evolved a great deal since his debut, as he has explored different styles and sounds. He is heavily influenced by the southern rap scene, as well as trap music.

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