S.O.E clothing line is a new launch founded by Carmen Weaver and Marvis Jackson.  Their passion for fashion motivated them to launch their own brand. Growing up watching brands such as Karl Kani, Cross Colours, FUBU, Sean John and RocaWear take their culture to a new level and standard paved the way for their generation to succeed pursuing the same ventures. Each day there are new trends within the industry so making sure they cater to that is very important to their success. This year dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic S.O.E set out to provide stylish masks for their customers and potential clients to help keep our society safe while promoting the brand. Their goal as a group is to provide people with the sense of strength, Confidence and Self Expression through their style no matter what it is that you do. S.O.E’s goal is to continue allowing diversity to thrive and endorsing positive and inspiring lifestyles throughout all communities in all the clothing that they create. 

The S.O.E logo is something that was pondered upon til something finally clicked within the S.O.E family. This logo was just something different and very bold and powerful at the same time. This design is what they called an attention grabber. Its sleek design and bold message makes it grab consumers attention. The S.O.E founders were more than happy with the graphic designer for delivering their brand logo within no more than 5 minutes. All in all this brand has a powerful message and spreads nothing, but positivity. We need to support up and coming entrepreneurs that only aim to speak positive and influential messages. There will be much success for the “Success Over Everything” family.

About Us

Welcome to the SOE Generation.

The generation that is always hustling, always creating, always innovating.

Everyday we grind to put our ideas out there for the world to see – reflections of ourselves in the form of art speech, photos, music and of course – style!

Founded in 2013 by Carmen Weaver and Marvis Jackson, Success Over Everything Clothing supports those who dare to believe, work to achieve, and wear ambition on their sleeve.

When you wear SOE Clothing, we want you to look and feel like the success story you are becoming. Our brand advocates for a confident, yet humble, positive and balanced lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Shop our threads and express your success.

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