There is main-stream Internet access. The use of cell phones, computers and laptops has increased, leading to a significant shift in both intensity and volume in the growth of digital networks. India has turned this medium into a full-fledged market, whether it is social media, browsing for information on Google or making purchases. And this demand has grown into the development of digital marketing as a primary source of internet business! Digital Marketing is rising annually in India at a pace of 25-30 percent. And if figures are to be believed, at the end of 2018, India had crossed 500 million internet users. India has the largest Facebook population in the world, too. High-speed digitization, web platforms, social media networks, etc., contribute to a trend-by-imagination development in digital marketing.

If we talk about today’s world then this young generation is so much involved in this digital marketing. Today we will talk about a guy who has survived in this digital marketing world alone at the age of 19 and has even got projects from US clients.

Born in Noida and brought up in Ambala (Haryana), Sahil Chauhan is a successful Digital Entrepreneur who started Digital Marketing in the year of 2018 December.  He got so much influenced by the same field therefore ended up choosing it as a career.

Sahil has founded his company in 2019 “TPM Digital media opc Pvt Limited” & you all will be amazed to know that the turnover of his company is more than $50,000. He has basically helped over 20 brands and businesses by growing their online presence on social media & on Google as well as he has helped lots of musicians, Actors, and more by promoting their music. He  also does YouTube Marketing, Music Marketing, Press Release, Google Presence, Google ad words, SEO, Web designing and more. He also deals with overseas clients all over the world. Mostly he deals with US and UK Clients.

Hard working is in his genes as his father is a farmer and he has worked very hard to give his son the best education that’s why Sahil’s dream is to buy his own car as well as gift a sweet home to his parents. His dream is also to become ‘ASIA’S YOUNGEST DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR’ and surely he will achieve his goal.

 He is going to launch a new company soon, named “Get Media Popular”. It is an upcoming agency that will promote celebrities, musicians, actors, public figures and  more. And very soon he is going to be a partner of a company that is based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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