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Sameer Saroya Secret To Becoming A Successful Video Coach



Technology changed the way people consume media and information. From word of mouth to written long-form pieces, society evolved to rely on videos to get the information or entertainment they needed. Eventually, new opportunities opened for entrepreneurs to infiltrate the niche and create lucrative businesses or marketing approaches through the new medium. 

Yet making videos isn’t as easy as it seems. While everyone can make videos, only a few can make them compelling for their target audience. 

Sameer, an entrepreneur from India, saw this as a chance to monetize his skills in making videos, hence becoming a successful video coach that assists entrepreneurs and coaches in creating engaging video content that attracts high-ticket coaching clients. 

“It has been my passion from my teenage to use social media to make a positive impact. So, I decided to monetize my skill by helping entrepreneurs and coaches make a positive impact by posting Videos on their social media platforms,” he said.  

He promises to teach his clients how to generate leads for coaching or consulting business by posting Instagram reels

“Our years of experience ensure high-quality edits, the latest framework to research content in your niche, and show up consistently without getting burnt,” he added. 

Patience, patience, patience 

For any business, whether online or physical, entrepreneurs need to have the patience to ensure success. After all, nobody rises to the top overnight. Sameer also knew this and exercised as much patience to grow his business. 

He knows that rushing success seldom bears good results, and it’s not sustainable in the long run. Although it took some time, he could now consider his business as something that could provide long-term comfort.  

Become Relevant

Since Sameer isn’t the only video coach in the world, he has to always have one leg up against his competition. To get his clients’ attention, he continuously released content that he knew could help people in the digital space. 

As he gained acknowledgment in the industry, he also began building trust and credibility among his clients. Simply put, he showed up every day and stayed in people’s minds, giving his business the traction it needed. 

Now, Sameer enjoys working with celebrities from across the globe

Even though Sameer’s video coaching business took some time before he could consider it successful, his sacrifices bore fruit and allowed him to create the profession he wanted.

Through video coaching, Sameer makes people happy, monetizes his talent, and happily lives the life he dreamt of. 

Visit @marketersam on Instagram to learn more about Sameer. 

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