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Santa Cruz, California Hip Hop Artist M. Aundre releases debut single “Altered State”



Santa Cruz, California hip hop artist M. Aundre is one to watch in 2023, as he is part of a new breed of fast-rising artists that are taking the scene by storm. Being an independent artist from the central coast, isn’t easy. M. Aundre is taking the independent route, with his newly established “Bonkers Music Group” imprint. M. Aundre has plans to release more music, in the near future. As of now, he is focused on his debut single. Street promotion, internet promotion, and word of mouth promotion, still gets the job done.

M. Aundre drops his debut single “Altered State” on Thursday February 23, with more releases to follow. After working on his craft throughout last year, he amassed quite a catalog. M. Aundre felt the need to start his music run, with the Sureet Sandhu produced “Altered State” because of the overall vibe of the track. “This song represents me, and where I’m at during certain times in my life” according to M. Aundre. While everyone goes through some difficult times, and dark periods at some point in this life, this artist is an example of how to persevere, and continue working towards your dreams and goals.

Longtime collaborating producer Sureet Sandhu, really delivers a sound (not your regular producer) that pairs quite well with M. Aundre’s vocals, and delivery. M. Aundre is making it clear as day, that he is here for a purpose. On the new single, he says “I’m living in a daze that many can’t share. I’m me and I ain’t perfect, ain’t nothing else there. Some things come in pairs, but with me, they broke the mold. I’ve been around the block, so I can never be sold,” which really catches the listener. M. Aundre’s voice is unique, and his flows are intriguing. This west coast hip hop artist is definitely one to keep on your radar! Follow M. Aundre today across all platforms.

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