One of the unexpected consequences of the digital era is the massive expansion of the small business sector. There are dozens of reasons, some complex and some not, for the rapid growth in the number of solo entrepreneurs and startups during the first years of the 2020s. While it’s impossible to identify all the forces behind the change, several are obvious. 

New software products in fields like financial services, retail sales, advertising, and human resources are just a few. Stand-alone human resource consultants, CPA (certified public accounting) firms, transport fleets, and a long list of other types of entities have come to rely on top-tier operational tools to get their jobs done. The following examples highlight the power of the trend toward sophisticated operational tactics, products, and systems.

Cutting-Edge Software Solutions For Accountants

CPAs have enjoyed the digital revolution more than anyone else. State of the art tools for performing complex tasks like commercial tax return preparation, sophisticated estate planning, in-depth management consulting, and internal auditing are now part of the arsenal of most firms. The profession has undergone a major change of mission, now centering on consulting instead of number crunching.

A generation ago, the bulk of a professional accountant’s day was spent gathering and verifying data. Now, experts can devote their time to high-level analysis of the information they collect digitally. Indeed, the entire bookkeeping function is now fully automated. That fact is instructive because accounting firms in the early 1900s earned most of their income from keeping books for individual, government, and corporate clients.

AI-Enabled Dash Cams For Fleet Managers

Entrepreneurs who get into the transport niche and use fleet vehicles to deliver goods can get a major return by investing in AI-enabled camera units. That’s because lower operating expenses and safer drivers are the logical results of practices like in-cab coaching and instantaneous incident reporting. But without the right kind of technology in every vehicle, those goals are unattainable. The good news is that there are road-ready camera systems that are easy to install and reasonably priced.

It’s not just the huge fleet corporations that can afford dash cams. Even small, local delivery companies can get a profit and safety boost by leveraging the power of in-vehicle cameras. The small but powerful units help supervisors communicate clearly and visually with drivers who need assistance with special situations. Additionally, the cams are ideal for giving fleet managers an on-the-ground view of road conditions whenever they wish.

Advertising Software That Tracks Results

Online advertising and promotion are common components of those who want to succeed in business with any e-commerce seller’s business structure or plan. The same is true for large corporations that maintain a substantial digital presence. The beauty of placing online ads is that it’s much easier to track the effectiveness of a given campaign.

Old-fashioned print, TV, radio, and billboard marketing could be quite effective at bringing in new customers and retaining loyal ones. But those methods did not come with simple tracking via apps, software, and other sophisticated digital systems. Even small entities can use low-cost and free apps that deliver detailed information about how successful a campaign was, why it fell short, and how it might be improved in the future.