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Scott M Hughes on Creating a Community of Online Readers



Scott Hughes

It is never easy to begin something new, especially when you are on your own. Some people lose hope during their initial struggles, but Scott Hughes is one of those who never give up. Scott Hughes is a prominent author, a social entrepreneur, a futurist, and a keynote speaker who has dedicated his life to helping others live the lives of their dreams. As the founder of, an international social media platform dedicated to readers and book lovers, he promotes reading in the youth.

Keep Your Mind Clear

Scott acknowledges the importance of keeping your mind clear so that you can choose the right words. Having fans who buy your books keeps you motivated as a writer. To avoid sounding like a newbie writer when people read your content, you should read a lot to enrich your vocabulary. Staying neutral with your views is one of the most critical qualities of a good writer. Your opinions determine what kind of writer you are, so it is crucial to stand by them pleasantly. After making a decision, never look back. However, you can modify your narrative.

Books and Portfolio

He has already published four books, including Justice: A Novella, 10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book, Achieve Your Dreams, and The Banned Book about Love. His new book, #InItTogether: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All, has just reached the first draft stage. His fans are already waiting for it to come out in the market.

Early Life and Struggle

Scott grew up in Manchester, Connecticut. Currently, he lives with his kids, Tristen and Amaya. At 19, Scott founded From 2006 to 2014, he worked in local restaurants as a server and bartender in a part-time capacity. In late 2014, Scott left his side jobs and is now full-time at

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Scott served on the board of education in Manchester, Connecticut. Before this, he was also the president of the Manchester PTA and vice president of the Connecticut PTA. All these positions were unpaid. On November 18th, 2021, Scott Hughes slept outside in his backyard to raise money for homeless youth. He raised about $1,500 through this fundraiser and donated it directly to Covenant House. He shared the information on his social media accounts. The end of November 2021 recorded more than 2.7 million members in his online book club community. Adding to his welfare work, he also renovated the playground of an elementary school in Manchester. 

The OBC App 

To compete with Amazon Kindle, he and his team have developed a free online reading application called OBC Reader. It is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Members can read their favorite books, discuss them, and rate them on any device, anywhere, at any time, with the OBC e-Reader (or OBC e). The platform offers more than just reading. For example, you can connect with other readers and writers. It is truly revolutionizing the global e-book culture. 

The Unique Selling Point (USP)

When it comes to e-reader apps, the options are pretty limited. Many companies have tried to make e-reader apps, but few have taken it far enough. The OBC Reader will break out of this mold by making itself available on all devices. It will have a customizable interface. It will also offer social networking, book recommendations, and support for the publishing community (the ‘Publish’ feature). The app will likely change everything about the online collection of books and make it easier than ever for people to find, save and share books on any device.

Message for Young Writers

According to Scott, you need some patience to survive in the tight competition among all writers in this world. A novel can take six months to a year to complete, so writing for long hours for long periods can be stressful if you do not have patience. Sitting down to write can be a challenge at first. But, if you make it a routine, it will be easier. According to Scott, as we write more, it becomes routine, and we can gradually increase our working hours to produce more content. You may face rejection when you submit your book or novel for publication. It requires patience to keep trying and never lose motivation. Almost all great writers have faced rejections, but their patience in pursuing their goals has helped them become what they are. Follow Scott on his Facebook (@ScottMichaelHughes), Twitter (@scottmhughes), and Instagram (@Scott_hughes). 

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