Sean Mourey is an American businessman, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the CEO and founder of SM MEDIA, a social media and cryptocurrency marketing agency specializing in making anything viral. Mourey’s work ethic and ability to get any job done, no matter what it takes, make him stand out.

Mourey’s entrepreneurial journey began at 11 when he started selling sneakers and Supreme drops. He then transitioned to e-commerce, where he first saw his success in creating online stores and learning marketing for the first time. Venturing off with a few partners, he created a social connection platform to help people connect with their favorite celebrities on a personal level. Following this, he ventured into a new abyss Boathouse, which taught him how to run a business and the ethics behind making money.

Stepping out into his world, Mourey founded SM MEDIA, his main focus. SM MEDIA grows brands, individuals, and projects to new heights, maximizing notoriety and taking them to new heights. Under Mourey’s leadership, SM MEDIA has expanded to foreign countries to deal with marketing, specifically the Middle East. Mourey’s expertise and innovative mindset have enabled him to build a massive e-commerce clientele through social media and networking.

Mourey has achieved many notable career highlights at his young age, including closing multiple 6-figure deals in his 6th-period class in high school, multi-7-figure sales, and employing over 50 people. Mourey’s first entity was established at 14, where he acquired credit and loans from investors. He succeeded in high school while building a 7-figure business, building international relationships with business owners and fellow entrepreneurs.

However, Mourey’s success was challenging. His biggest challenge was venturing off on his own after always having partners, truly becoming an independent wolf, and taking everything as it came. Mourey overcame this issue by merely doing it and taking each day in, and being appreciative of life and the opportunity of 24 hours to get things done.

Mourey has learned many valuable lessons from his entrepreneurial journey. He believes that not giving up is the biggest thing, and truly taking each day in and being appreciative of life and the opportunity of 24 hours to get things done is huge. Mourey encourages taking risks, trusting the right people, assembling a team, hedging against risk, and being a persistent deal-maker. He believes in impressing with charm and humor, being truthful and transparent, thinking forward, and focusing on the future. Mourey encourages asking questions, never doubting oneself, never quitting, planning strategically, loving business, and loving what you do.

Mourey has big dreams and aspirations for himself and his brand “SM.” He sees himself in a few years still in the marketing space but at a much larger scale, becoming a true mogul in the game. He also sees himself expanding into real estate ventures and possibly buying a few hotels. Mourey’s brand “SM” will be a household name and iconic establishment ranging from media marketing to real estate holdings, even to law firms.

Mourey’s ultimate goal with this press is to gain notoriety and drive traffic to his name, helping build credibility for himself and his company SM MEDIA. He hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and achieve their goals, no matter their obstacles. Sean Mourey is a young mogul who has already accomplished much in his entrepreneurial journey. His ambition, determination, and hard work enabled him to achieve his goals and dreams at a young age.

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