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Seaquake Sets Out to Provide Stable Digital Assets to the Masses



As the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance markets grow, tech-savvy entrepreneurs are continuing to identify opportunities that will revolutionize and legitimize the industry. And while cryptocurrency and volatility are practically synonymous, there is no doubt that the concept of a nontraditional currency that stores value is here to stay. As the world loses patience with monetary policy that the Fed influences and political whims, and faith is lost in established financial institutions, cryptocurrencies only gain more traction.

But with an entire industry coming online within the last decade, the opportunities to shape and influence that industry are numerous. For cryptocurrencies to be widely accepted, they must be understood, accessible, and usable by the masses. Those with experience in the traditional financial markets have been able to create the tools necessary for crypto to succeed in the mainstream. That’s where Seaquake comes in.

Helmed by CEO Andrew Katz, CTO Dylan Knight, CFO Matthew Krueger, and CIO Daniel Large, Seaquake describes itself as “a team of creative minds dedicated to stabilizing the digital assets market using proven technologies to modernize fragmented infrastructure and offer efficiencies in the market. The Seaquake platform achieves this using their core engine, Orbis, which allows increased volume, stability, and liquidity for partner digital-asset exchanges.”

Orbis is the trading and data processing engine that allows Seaquake to drive a healthy trading landscape.

Andrew Katz and the team at Seaquake is working to provide a full crypto ecosystem: internal trading, market-making, data sales, quantitative modeling, and consultancy, such as an ecosystem creation service that includes developing analytic platforms for those projects. Prime services, OTC, and banking applications are rolling out shortly.

The data is lifted, formatted, and posted to an easily accessible dashboard, provided individually to each project or even to individual investors within the projects.

Their current active product lines include:

Market Making: “Maintain the Market Spread within the fee displacement of the current market, whilst maintaining a fixed bid and ask, increasing liquidity and decreasing execution times.”

Quantitative Models: “We provide quantitative volume on listed pairs across your exchange. Our combination engine automates the process of creating strategies utilizing the previous 24 hours’ data, over 1500 data points.”

OTC: “We provide white-glove OTC services globally, using our advanced core engine to quote the best prices, with the ability to handle DeFi and the CEX world.”

Mining: “We are a one-stop ecosystem creation stop, from liquidity creation to consulting to marketing, we can help with whatever is required using our decades of experience.”

Data Collection & Processing: “Global Order Book Analysis; Sentiment Index; Automated data retrieval, formatting, and delivery; Historic OB, Kline and Price Tick data.”

With cryptocurrency trading currently fragmented over hundreds of exchanges, there is a severe lack of liquidity – and as many as half of orders go unfulfilled. Seaquake has been able to help exchanges increase their volume by improving their order routing through advanced quantitative methodologies and latency-reducing solutions, leading to fewer orders going unfulfilled and increasing exchange revenues.

Seaquake’s current clients have over 29 million monthly active users who transact over $786 billion in trading volume daily.

Seaquake is a team of financial, business, and tech professionals dedicated to providing stable digital assets using advanced technologies. While fragmented infrastructures and inefficiencies currently keep the digital market from achieving dominance in the financial sector, Seaquake intends to change that.

Learn more about Seaquake Crypto and Andrew Katz in this online profile.

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