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Securitizations: very big numbers looming for iSwiss in the coming months



A total amount of securities issued amounting to 3 billion: figures that make one’s head spin, but which well represent the growth and consolidation of iSwiss in the securitisation sector. A sector that, thanks to the activities of the Swiss banking group, seems to be experiencing a ‘springtime’ of continuous growth.

Indeed, iSwiss deserves credit for having a very broad and innovative vision of this instrument: until recently, it had been linked to a few transactions, usually involving large financial and industrial groups.

Limits that have been overcome by iSwiss and the players with whom the Swiss bank has partnered in the most recent projects, currently covering as many as 36 securitization transactions open in different markets.

Projects that have shown how securitization lends itself to securitizing major real estate projects and also to opening up markets hitherto considered niche markets, such as the income from the exploitation of gold deposits around the world, to non-professional investors, who thus have an additional tool at their disposal to increase their profits.

“We are absolutely proud of our achievements to date,” says Christopher Aleo, CEO of iSwiss and nominated by Forbes as “Innovator in Finance” for 2022, “Achievements that drive us to improve our business further so that iSwiss grows to become a leading player in the securitization industry.”

“The possibilities that this investment instrument offers are still very large indeed,” Aleo continues, “and that is why iSwiss is working hard to evaluate the offers by the latest regulations and the various opportunities being promoted by the European Union and the central banks of the various member states.”

Among the most important players that have collaborated and are collaborating with iSwiss in the various securitisation projects are the Italian companies Legal Credit and Rating e Revisioni SPA: important entities that have contributed significantly to the success of the securitisation transactions completed so far.

iSwiss must be credited with the significant merit of having promoted securitisation at the European level, when many financial and industrial realities still had doubts and perplexities about this instrument. Doubts and perplexities decisively refuted by the facts and, above all, by the success of the operations conducted by the Swiss deposit bank.

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