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Self-Love And Dedication To The Craft: How These Values Helped European Artist belong2theLord In His Career



belong2thelord is an Eastern European-American artist who specializes in music engineering, producing, and recording. Since he started in 2017, he has grown to become an artist who values substance and quality over quantity. His main priority at the moment is to start a record label within the music industry to establish a creative platform for all artists of any walk of life to shine in. 

“Life to me is all about serving others and creating a healthy community for people to belong to while flourishing in the industry of any side of the world,” he said. 

Growing up less fortunate has taught him the value of humility and to give to others as much as possible.

The Values That Shaped Him

In his journey, there are some life lessons that belong2theLord has learned and applied to how he treads the path to his career. One of the important principles that he considers in pursuing his dream–or anyone else’s for that matter, is dedication. 

“Dedication and trusting the process is a valuable lesson from working hard for what you want, having patience with yourself and others will allow doors to open of all types,” he said. 

But being dedicated to the craft isn’t the only thing that helped him to become the musician that he is now. For him to create quality music, he also has to take care of himself. 

“Loving yourself is a key ingredient to any success story, self-belief, and happiness as well. Keeping your values above all aspects of life, supporting those who need it most, and loving other views are great rewards for all the work you will be having. Anyone who can overcome the gravity of your situation will determine how much light you will be able to express and gain,” he said. 

Growing Since He Started 

belong2theLord started writing, producing, and recording at 14 years old. Self-taught, he put all his time into his craft and did extensive research on the effects of music culturally and in the industry.

“Working 24 hours of any day is a beautiful thing because I will always have time to invest in myself so that I will be able to support my family and anyone involved in the music industry,” he said. 

This year, he released his most recent album titled Sinner which has an underlying message that belong2theLord wants to share with his audiences.

“[It stresses] the time we are living in and showing others that growing from your past is one of the most important things you can do as an artist and individual. Giving light to the world and love to all who are reachable,” he said. 

He shared that there are still many projects in the works which are aimed to inspire and motivate every listener. 

For more information, check out belong2theLord on Instagram

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