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ShaiVA’s Single BASKETBALL & his EP “EARTH IS HELL” has reached 100k and more around the GLOBE!



ShaiVA wasn’t in the NBA bubble, but he wants everyone to know that life is like “Basketball“. As one of VA’s more versatile artists, he used his favorite sport as a symbol to explain how life is. His viral smash “Basketball” has been going crazy on TikTok as influencers worldwide are recreating videos for the bubbling song. His new EP, “Earth Is Hell,” has helped him land multiple performances in VA and WV! He loves his fan, and his performances show that. He has also been teasing new music on his Instagram that is sure to get the streets talking. His new partnership with Bentley Records has kept him on many people’s minds as they are interested in what’s to come.


Born and Raised in Virginia , ShaiVA is starting to make a name for himself , with his lyrical archery and insane work ethic . In 2017 ShaiVA released his first project “ Straight from the bottom “ while sleeping out of his car . With that rock bottom experience , he developed a flame that has been channeled into reality music . His fans really appreciate his unique style , like in his song “Draft Pick “ ShaiVA states “ pledge allegiance getting to a bag , I was really homeless on the corner , man you n**gas couldn’t really picture that “ giving you a vivid image of his experiences to reach his goal of success ShaiVA is founder and CEO of “ Out The Trap ENT “ curating his own sub genre of music called Trap Conscious Musik , blending the likes of lyrical word play with trap produced instrumentals.

ShaiVA has a mission to bringing his hometown together as we are divided in a conceited and selfish mindset. In Virginia many people don’t understand UNITY which can create a much stronger energy to bring Virginians in one accord.

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