Marquis Roberts, Better known as Sharoyce Antwan is an on the rise American recording artist/entrepreneur from Indiana. He has been creating music for well over 13 years now and only gets better with time as he develops more each year. This year is all about creating a buzz and generating new fans. His recent release he is pushing is titled “Money Hungry”. The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

Sharoyce Antwan has managed to accumulate well over 70,000 streams on Spotify, charted on DRT radio charts and has over 1 million views for his single just on Tik Tok. He is growing at a fast rate and has no plans on slowing down. He is a humble artist who keeps it authentic and real with all he comes in contact with. Stream his latest single and be sure to stay tuned as his merch line drops in the near future.

“Money Hungry” has been trending all over. The song is vibrant and catchy. Sharoyce Antwan is an amazing creator who creates hit records and will continue to do so throughout his career. Each release is a reflection of him and who he is. All who take time to listen to his content will see why his music is trending all over the internet. Get familiar with his content. He is not going anywhere. Soon his name will ring bells within the music industry and his name will be a household name. Stream “Money Hungry” below on Spotify and check out the rest of his catalog.