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Shaun Redrum released track ‘CREAM’ has found a place in people’s hearts



Shaun Redrum official picture of Music Video

Raleigh is the name of the state capital of North Carolina, where The rapper and music producer Shaun Redrum was born. He is an exceptional artist who has made a name for himself in his area. After dabbling in the genre for much longer, he became recognized as a major contender in the rap scene in 2001. 

This recognition came after he had been involved in the genre for much longer. His music covers various hip-hop styles, ranging from trap to old school, and he’s got it all covered in his song catalog. When it comes to this performance, one should always be ready for what comes next, even if they think they’re prepared.

A released single of the Shaun Redrum – CREAM

The music video for ‘CREAM,’ created by Shaun Redrum, was made available as a digital single on July 4, 2022. The accompanying music video features only Shaun Redrum performing the song. The recording sessions for the video were carried out at Supreme Studios in Raleigh, located in the state of North Carolina.AyoRay is one of the producers alongside whom he has collaborated.

The band’s name was taken from a Wu-Tang Clan track simply titled “Cream,” which in its original Chinese title means “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.”  Cream used a snippet of this track in one of their songs at some point.

We have high hopes that with the help of this movie, we will be able to make a statement about the culture surrounding the daily grind, commonly known as the hustle. The track contains a sample from the instrumental version of “Cream,” also featured in the path. This version of “Cream” was performed by Wu-Tang. 

It is one of the ways that he shows respect for the hip-hop artists who came before him in the 1990s, and one of those ways is by paying tribute to the job they did in this way. One of the ways that he honors the song “Cream” is by showing respect for it in many ways, and this is one of those ways.

The tracks are easily searchable on YouTube and can be accessed there. Since it was uploaded to YouTube, more than 6k individuals have viewed it since it was first made available. You can follow him on his social media platforms by clicking on the links below.

Watch Music Video ‘Cream’ on YouTube:

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