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Shawn Cook Song Review “Stay”



Grammy-nominated songwriter Shawn Cook has a profound fanbase, and that’s no wonder, as he has collaborated with legendary artists like Snoop Dog, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Young Thug, and many more. Shawn Crook drops a new rap song, “Stay,” With a gorgeous music video on August 21 this year. 

In “Stay,” Shawn Cook raps on love from a cynical viewpoint. The artist uses his seamless flows to portray a failed romance, weary of all the games and demands but drawn to the toxicity. He compares it to a “reverse carousel,” where magnetic attraction causes an endless round of happiness and pain with no opportunity for calm.

Viewers get a glimpse of the artist’s particular understanding of the conflict between lust and grief through the gorgeous music video of “Stay.” It is mainly shot in black and white and contains flashes of color at specific points to show that not everything is lost.

The music video starts with Cook sitting on a porch and immediately drawn to his bright socks and bracelet made of jade beads. The reason Cook is being dragged back is revealed when we see his lady love, her brilliant red lipstick, and her glittering wedding band.

Another aspect that stands out is a row of wine bottles, which suggests that their toxic relationship may have at least something to do with it. As Cook gets a light for his cigarette, we notice the word “LOVE” written in vibrant colors on a wall. He knows he must return and not follow the siren’s appeal to “stay for a while.”

As the music video reverses, he is pulled back and condemned to keep making the same mistakes just as he makes an effort to break free from the loop. Overall the song explains that sometimes we can become so entangled in a relationship that we mistakenly believe our everyday acts are leading us forward. But in reality, we may be emotionally sliding backward while the present moment holds us in a suspended state.

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