Nowadays, music has become an integral part of everyday life, with music, we wake up, travel, play sports, and relax. Very often, our mood and well-being depend on the composition that we listen to. With such a huge variety of genres, styles, and musical artists, it is not surprising that we have become more careful in choosing our favorite tracks. The special display of music feels good to hear as the elements work together perfectly to make something enjoyable for us to hear. That incredible display of music is what you get from DeneQuia. In fact, icons from different industries, especially entertainment, look almost identical. This somehow shows that those who deviate from the standard have a limited chance of success. But today, since the introduction of characters with diverse cultural roots, these standards have been slowly challenged, pushed the boundaries, exceeded expectations, and broken the status quo for many years.

“MOVIE” is a song by Singer-Songwriter DeneQuia which features star recording artist, and record producer James Worthy distributed through Humble Sound Music Group. The song gives a vivid description of a story outlining the fantasy of love, and lust between a man, and woman in romance between the two. Movie was released in December of 2021, and has gradually grown attention throughout the months of it’s release.

The music video depicts both artists on a rooftop overseeing the view of their city gazing into moments within the visual. Upon months into the songs release, it has now earned over 1 Million streams, and counting. It has charted as high as #16 on the Shazam charts, and also #130 on the R&B/Soul iTunes chart. “Movie” has also been seen on BET Jams, MTV Live, and several other platforms. The song is available on all streaming platforms, and digital stores for purchase, and download. Take a listen!


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